Michael Moore full tilt: “I am starting to detect from some of these DNC types that it’s actually more important that they save their old corrupt system full of hacks. That’s more important to them than getting rid of Trump.” DNC chairman Tom Perez avoids Moore when questioned.

by upvoatz

This interview is a few weeks old (Feb 8, 2020) right after the Iowa Caucus.

It’s relevant given a move by the DNC to make backroom deals with Buttigieg and Klobuchar to drop out (benefit Biden) while Warren is left in to pull votes from Bernie

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Jordan Chariton of “Status Coup” interviews Michael Moore to discuss recent events involving election rigging in Iowa.

Moore discusses his thoughts and believes that establishment forces are conspiring to sandbag Berine. Moore calls out Pete Buttigieg and the DNC rigging the Iowa Caucus and Des Moines Register poll to benefit “Mayor Pete.”