Mueller's Investigation Now is Fruit Of A Poisonous Tree

Image: From a legal perspective, Mueller’s investigation is dead. Here’s why…
Under real law, EVERYTHING associated to the framed up FISA application is now DOA.
Any convictions, pleas or indictments will not stand up to judicial process.
Even if Trump were to somehow face Impeachment, any evidence even touched by the FISA app would NOT be admissible.…onous_tree
This is the clever strategy of Trump and his lawyers. They let the FBI and the Democrats create the rope that hanged them. Now there is no need to fire Mueller or Rosenstein. They can do nothing now to hurt the president. There WILL be investigations that may address the many crimes committed by the FBI and Democrats, but that is just icing on the cake.
Mueller’s investigation was dead BEFORE the memo!…-why.html#
h/t Natura Naturans