New food bill in New Zealand takes away human right to grow food

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I was shocked to learn from a friend on the weekend that a new Food Bill is being brought in here in New Zealand.  The new bill will make it a privilege and not a right to grow food.
I find two aspects of this bill alarming.  The first is the scope and impact the new bill has, and secondly that it has all happened so quietly.  There has been VERY little media coverage, on a bill which promises to jeopardise the future food security of the country.
I read that the bill is being brought in because of the WTO, which of course has the US FDA behind it, and of course that is influenced by big business (Monsanto and other players).  It looks like this NZ food bill will pave the way to reduce the plant diversity and small owner operations in New Zealand, for example by way of controlling the legality of seed saving and trading/barter/giving away; all will be potentially illegal.  The best website to read about the problems with the new bill is (I have no connection with this website)
Here are some snippets:
– It turns a human right (to grow food and share it) into a government-authorised privilege that can be summarily revoked.
– It makes it illegal to distribute “food” without authorisation, and it defines “food” in such a way that it includes nutrients, seeds, natural medicines, essential minerals and drinks (including water).
– By controlling seeds, the bill takes the power to grow food away from the public and puts it in the hands of seed companies. That power may be abused.
– Growing food for distribution must be authorised, even for “cottage industries”, and such authorisation can be denied.
– Under the Food Bill, Police acting as Food Safety Officers can raid premises without a warrant, using all equipment they deem necessary – including guns (Clause 265 – 1).
– Members of the private sector can also be Food Safety Officers, as at Clause 243. So Monsanto employees can raid premises – including marae – backed up by armed police.
– The Bill gives Food Safety Officers immunity from criminal and civil prosecution.
– The Government has created this bill to keep in line with its World Trade Organisation obligations under an international scheme called Codex Alimentarius (“Food Book”). So it has to pass this bill in one form or another.
– The bill would undermine the efforts of many people to become more self-sufficient within their local communities.
– Seed banks and seed-sharing networks could be shut down if they could not obtain authorisation. Loss of seed variety would make it more difficult to grow one’s own food.
– Home-grown food and some or all seed could not be bartered on a scale or frequency necessary to feed people in communities where commercially available food has become unaffordable or unavailable (for example due to economic collapse).
– Restrictions on the trade of food and seed would quickly lead to the permanent loss of heirloom strains, as well as a general lowering of plant diversity in agriculture.
– Organic producers of heirloom foods could lose market share to big-money agribusiness outfits, leading to an increase in the consumption of nutrient-poor and GE foods.

The key factor is seeds. In many cases they specifically are food, of course. Grain seed, seed potatoes, rice, maize, quinoa, many staples etc etc – as the bill stands all these will explicitly be controlled substances, with similar penalties for possession as drugs.
This being so, the unenforceability of prohibiting people from growing food for local distribution becomes a moot point. No good seeds means no good food (if any food at all) to distribute.
One of the few newspaper articles that I’ve seen, highlighting some of the problems with the bill.  This from the Timaru Herald newspaper
Some snippets:
The woman behind the Oamaru community gardens is concerned a bill going through Parliament could jeopardise the project.
Gardens co-ordinator Annie Beattie said the Food Bill, which passed its first reading on July 22, was more commercially driven than about food safety.  “It’s all about big companies wanting sole rights to seeds because they don’t produce seeds and you have to buy them again each year. They are contaminated seeds.  “I have to say I am furious about these bullying tactics.”
She has signed an online petition opposing the bill. “This to me is a dictatorship and certainly not a democratic society.  “I think its time for people to open their eyes be responsible and stand up for their rights.  “I would go to jail if I had to and will be defending the right to have community gardens and share our food and our knowledge of the importance of good, safe, real food.”
I found the website for the gardens:… and waicomgardens at for E-Mail.
I have been a member of this site for over a year, and this is my first post.  I did not think it would come to this in little old New Zealand, literally at the ends of the earth.  Very serious stuff indeed.

Here is the bill:


The Primary Production Committee has examined the Food Bill and recommends that it be passed with the amendments shown.


This bill would on commencement replace the Food Act 1981 and over time the Food Hygiene Regulations 1974 and the Food (Safety) Regulations 2002. It would also make consequential amendments to the Animal Products Act 1999 and the Wine Act 2003. It seeks to provide an efficient, risk-based regulatory regime that places a primary duty on persons trading in food to ensure that what is sold is safe and suitable.
This commentary focuses on the main amendments we recommend and does not address minor technical amendments.

Relationship with other Acts

We recommend amending clause 5 by dividing it into two clauses, clause 5 and clause 5A. Clause 5 would retain the explanation of the application of the bill. Clause 5A would clarify and provide certainty about the relationship between the bill and the Animal Products Act 1999 and the Wine Act 2003. We also recommend adding a subclause to clause 5A stating that if there is any conflict, duplication or inconsistency between a power or other form of authority conferred under the bill and those in the Animal Products Act or Wine Act in relation to an animal product or wine, then the powers or authorities conferred in the latter Acts would prevail.

Meaning of food business

We recommend that subclause 9(b)(iii) be deleted. In this subclause as introduced the definition of “food business” would capture people who do not trade in food, but are directly or peripherally involved in facilitating the trade of food, such as organisers of food markets or events.

Meaning of safety and suitability

We recommend that clause 11(5) be amended to clarify the definition of suitability as it relates to the “condition” of food. The proposed amendment would replace subclause (5) to make it clear that food is unsuitable if it is decomposed or rotten, contaminated or tainted, contains foreign objects, or is offensive in some other way. To avoid challenge to a food’s suitability on the basis of offensiveness in circumstances where the food is entirely lawful in terms of its composition (for example a vegetarian finding gelatine in a confectionery item “offensive”) we recommend the inclusion of new subclause (5A), to make it clear that a moral, religious, or ethical aversion to a particular food or ingredient would not make the food unsuitable for the purposes of the bill.
We note that in circumstances where the composition of a food is misrepresented (for example, if a café meal were described as vegan but was found by the vegan purchaser to contain animal product, or a product were incorrectly labelled as vegetarian), recourse would be available through the bill’s provisions for “truth in labelling” and through other statutes, such as the Fair Trading Act 1986.

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Winemaking operations

We recommend inserting new clause 24A, which is currently clause 43, and amending it to widen the scope of the risk management tool under which winemakers can apply to have their operations included. The amendment would acknowledge that some activities that winemakers undertake will be subject to national programmes rather than food control plans. The amendment would also clarify that such operators would be required to meet Wine Act standards in relation to their winemaking activities.

Food control plans

We recommend inserting new clause 35A to specify the purposes for which regulations about food control plans could be made. Clause 35A would replace clause 347(1).
This clause would also include specific regulation-making powers, which would clarify the scope of potential regulations in respect of such matters as verification intensity and frequency, and training and competency requirements.
For the sake of clarity, we recommend replacing clauses 36–40 and replacing them with clauses covering the following matters: a chief executive’s power to amend a template food control plan; the circumstances in which a food operator may amend a template food control plan (and the process to be followed in doing so); a chief executive’s ability to register a food control plan template amended by a food operator; a food operator’s ability to amend a food control plan developed by a third party; and a food operator’s ability to amend a food control plan not based on an official template.
We recommend deleting clause 42. It was intended to provide for a person who carries out secondary processing of animal product to incorporate these activities into a registered food control plan in certain circumstances. However, this option is already available under the bill and clause 42 does not provide anything additional.
We recommend amending clause 45(1)(f) to make it clear when a food control plan would have to be verified, by adding the words “after commencement of the operations to which the registered food control plan relates”.

Regulations about national programmes

We recommend amending clause 73(1)(l) to allow national programme regulations to be more specific on the training and competency requirements for persons who are required to operate under those regulations. The amended wording would allow the regulations to require such people to undergo appropriate training, or to demonstrate competency, regarding the safety and suitability of food, food production, and food processing and handling, and to provide training for staff as appropriate.
We also recommend that clause 73(1)(c) be amended to allow regulations to prescribe the intensity of verification. This affects the cost of verification, and we consider it appropriate that this aspect of verification also be regulated.
Horticulture New Zealand and various other submitters were concerned about the potential for duplication and increased compliance costs resulting to their own certification programmes, and that the requirements of the bill could be onerous for their members. We have sought to address this matter and will monitor this closely.

Food handler guidance

A number of submitters were concerned that some of the provisions in the bill were too bureaucratic and costly. Small operators and charitable organisations were particularly concerned about this matter.
We recommend amending clause 92(2) by removing “community-based fund-raising events”, and adding two new subclauses to specify that food handler guidance applies to persons or organisations trading in food for a charitable purpose, and persons or groups trading in food for personal development. This would align this clause with proposed amendments to clauses 94 and 94A.

Charitable purpose

We recommend amending clause 94 to clarify the definition of trading in food for charitable purpose, by replacing “community-based fund-raising activities” with “charitable purpose”. The section would apply to a person or persons or organisation trading in food for a “charitable purpose”. Charitable purpose is defined in clause 94(4) of the bill. Such persons or organisations trading in food for a charitable purpose would therefore be exempt from the requirement to operate under a food control plan or national programme. The food operator would still have to operate under any food handler guidance that applies to the trade in food concerned. We also recommend requiring that the trade in food for a charitable purpose either occur not more than 20 times in one calendar year or, if it is more frequent, that it be ancillary or incidental to the main activity taking place at that location.
Schedule 3 of the bill further details the specific food sectors and food-selling activities subject to food handler guidance. We recommend a number of amendments to the schedule to make it clear who and what is covered by Schedule 3.
We recommend amending part 1(f) of Schedule 3 by deleting “infrequent” and adding “organisations, and societies (internal)”. This would cover members of a club, organisation, or society selling food to other members where the trade in food was not the purpose of the event or gathering. Along with amended clause 94 this would allow, for example, a church or religious congregation selling food to its members to be subject only to food handler guidance.
We recommend inserting new part 1(fa) into Schedule 3, “Food service sector: clubs, organisations, and societies (external)”. This would cover members of a club, organisation, or society selling food to members and guests where the trade in food was not the purpose of the event or gathering. This is intended to cover events such as a sausage sizzle at a sports match.
We also recommend that part 1(c) of Schedule 3 be amended to include the sector description “fishing vessel operators who supply food for crew”. By virtue of supplying food to crew (which is part of a remuneration package), a vessel operator would fall within the meaning of a food business and thus be captured by this bill. While the hazards associated with such food provision warrant some form of control, we felt the low risk involved and the impracticality of verifying such operations means that the best solution would be to make such activities subject to food handler guidance.

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Personal development

We recommend inserting new clause 94A to provide for exemption from operating under a food control plan or national programme in circumstances where food is sold for a specified fund-raising purpose which would fall outside the scope of clause 94. The purpose must be to provide financial support required by the person selling the food, or a named other person (or group of persons), to achieve a specific purpose or goal. The trade in food would be on a non-commercial scale and on an infrequent basis, that is, no more than 20 times in one calendar year. The person or group would still be required to operate under any food handler guidance that applied to the trade in food concerned.

Small scale businesses

We recommend amending clause 95 by inserting new subclause 95(5) to provide an example of a person to whom the chief executive might grant an exemption from the requirement to operate under a registered food control plan or national programme. This example concerns someone who produces in his or her own home any food for sale, and sells the food to a consumer only, and does not employ or engage anyone else to assist in the production or sale of the food, and does not otherwise sell or distribute the food.
The treatment of very small-scale food businesses has emerged as a matter of particular interest in our consideration of the bill. Very small-scale food traders, or “cottage industries” are not distinguished in the bill. It would be difficult to quantify “small-scale” in terms of profit, quantity of product, or number of people involved in the operation, and it is also difficult to define a “cottage” food industry. Doing so could have the effect of inappropriately including or excluding particular food-trading activities. Therefore we do not recommend a generic “cottage industry” provision, and propose instead that any exemption from the requirement to operate under a food control plan or national programme regulations could be made on a case-by-case basis through the exercise of the chief executive’s exemption power under this clause.

Delegation to territorial authorities

We recommend amending clause 96 by adding subclause 96(7) and 96(8). The chief executive should be able to delegate functions, duties, or powers to territorial authorities. However, delegation of the chief executive’s power to grant an exemption from the requirement to operate under a food control plan or national programme would be limited. Subclause 96(8) would require a territorial authority acting under delegation to grant, amend, or revoke an exemption under clause 95 in accordance with the special consultative procedure specified in section 83 of the Local Government Act 2002.

Exclusivity of verification functions and activities granted to territorial authorities

We recommend inserting new clause 127A to preclude the chief executive from recognising anyone other than a territorial authority as a verifier for businesses that operate under a template or model food control plan issued under clause 32, and operate exclusively within the district of a single territorial authority, and sell food directly to consumers.
The bill as introduced does not include express provision for territorial authorities to be exclusive verifiers of any food sector. Clause 126 provides that any person or body can apply for recognition as a verifier and can be recognised as such, provided the chief executive is satisfied they are a fit and proper person. It was originally expected that territorial authority verification exclusivity would be given effect through transitional regulations made under clause 397 of the bill; however this is no longer considered appropriate because territorial authority exclusivity may not be a transitional or temporary arrangement. It would have to be determined by the outcome of a review as per new clause 127B.
However, we consider it important that the chief executive’s power to monitor the performance of territorial authorities and the Minister’s powers of review persist during the exclusivity period.

Review of operation

We recommend inserting new clause 127B to provide for a review of the operation of the new clause 127A as soon as practicable after the expiry of the legislation’s introductory period as set out in clause 375.
We consider that the advantages of territorial authorities being granted verification exclusivity outweigh the disadvantages. However, new clause 127B would ensure the arrangement was reviewed by the chief executive as soon as practicable after the expiry of the legislation’s introductory period. This review could determine whether the arrangement could still be justified once the new regime was fully implemented.

Power to issue improvement notice

We recommend inserting new clauses 267A and 267B, to give a food safety officer the authority to issue an improvement notice, and provide a right of review for a person to whom an improvement notice has been issued. The chief executive would also be allowed to initiate a review of a food safety officer’s decision to issue an improvement notice.
We felt an improvement notice regime would be a useful addition to the enforcement tools available to encourage compliance with the requirements of the bill. An improvement notice would require corrective actions to be undertaken. This could be used to provide an opportunity to correct any non-compliance, instead of an infringement notice being issued or proceedings being commenced.

Green Party minority view

The Green Party is concerned that the bill deals with the issue of food safety inconsistently and even arbitrarily.
We are concerned about the narrow definition of food safety in the bill, which allows hazards to remain in food provided they can be managed, eliminated, or minimised. We think the definition is way too wide.
The Green Party is particularly concerned at the definition of food safety, given the narrow focus by the New Zealand Food Safety Authority on managing food safety risks of microbial contamination, and the way it consistently ignores contamination by pesticides and other chemicals such as Bisphenol A, and heavy metals.
Finally, we are pleased that this bill will require importers to be registered in New Zealand and that importers will have a duty to be able to trace imported foods back to their source. We would like to see this ability to trace foods back to their source, used as the basis for mandatory country of origin labelling, and full traceability in the food supply, as is being introduced in other countries.


Committee process

The Food Bill was referred to the committee on 22 July 2010. The closing date for submissions was 2 September 2010. We received and considered 66 submissions from interested groups and individuals. We heard 26 submissions.
We received advice from the Food Safety branch of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (formerly the New Zealand Food Safety Authority.) The Regulations Review Committee reported to the committee on the powers contained in clauses 21, 178, 180, 346, 367 and 403.

Committee membership

Shane Ardern (Chairperson)
Hon Jim Anderton
Brendon Burns
Dr Ashraf Choudhary
Craig Foss
Sandra Goudie
Colin King
Hon Damien O’Connor
Sue Kedgley was a non-voting member for this item of business.



208 thoughts on “New food bill in New Zealand takes away human right to grow food

  1. I have been distibuting this info on facebook and to various NZ fb groups without so much as a comment..omg, we live in a nation of sleeping sheeple…how do we get word out before these zionist facsist’s take away our grandchildrens right to be self sufficient!???

  2. Very sad stuff, especially when faced with the prospect of our agriculture being slowly bought up by offshore interests. It’s not foreigner fear, nationalistic pride or the thought of profits going offshore. China has made it clear that it’s interests in the purchases of farms is to ensure food supply FOR CHINA. In thirty years time we could be starving in towns that back onto agricultural districts that are growing shiploads of food.

  3. Contact the TV shows such as Close Up and Campbell Live. I received feedback from Close Up saying they are investigating the story now.

  4. The Green Party have investigated this and the broad application of the bill. It is widely accepted by both the Green Party and the Minister for the bill that the intention of the bill is not to affect these things and amendments insuring this will thus be implemented. It is starting to be more recognised that that site is a large source of misinformation and fear mongering rather than informed and well researched information. I am against any restrictions on our food rights but people really need to not just believe the first thing they read, this applies to both the mainstream media AND alternative sources such as blogs. For more info:

  5. This bill should at the very least exempt home growers and community projects. Any law that requires amendment to protect our right to grow and share our food should rightly be viewed with suspicion.
    “Home food grower”, it seems to me you are either naive or not quite what you claim to be.

  6. This is disturbing. It’s a basic human right to grow food on your own land, whether for pleasure, to feed your own family or to share. New Zealand is one step closer to becoming a dystopian society.

  7. thanks for making this public I have had same issue with no one taking issue anyone here and Martin too I would love to contact you aS IN Dunedin, Auckland , and Wellington we have a guy coming here to speak on this very thing in Novemeber 11th , 12th and 13th and we would love to have great numbers and we want to use this to get media acknowledgement and this person will speak with Media if You like more info please let me know the cost is $20.00 but out of this comes his cost of flights to come from UK and then accomodation and flights to each NZ destination but we are few people of very limited income and have no way to afford andveritsing so it is word of mouth . I appraoched one media a wee while back and they said no to idea as thye said to me there is no way there would be enough of a story to warrant a story gap on their show, so if we can make it a big thing with great turn outs I was thinking we can leak it too media and make it a national and if not global event for media but please let me know and also if You like to come to hear gentleman talk let me know and then i can post more details . thanks heaps Martin and all here for making this an issue instead of just amongst a scattered few on facebook etc and all getting deaf ears who aren’t worried but this is a global take over linked with CODEX Alimentarius and Monsanto and in USA now armed police are invading organic growers and shutting them down and monsanto is gaining over all control and same too pharmaceutical linked Codex and soon You won’t be able to even get natural therapy has already been passed in Europe and we are next if we don’t fight but Martin and all here if You want to join us please let us knos as that is my dream anyway to use this Gentleman who 3 of us have got to come here outlaying the money because we care and want NZ to stand up and with his help make it a media issue .thanks so much this has truly made my night .thank YOu lets join and fight and I happen to know that MANA Party are truly against this . thank goodness .we need more of peopel like this in power !!! to stand for our rights!!! much thanks again .kindest regards Michelle and please know I speak this from my heart and do never want to offend anyone at all. I just want us to have our Health Freedom and it is things like =Farmers markets and just us people who will have to have a government licence to share our own food as a lady Mother in the US was jailed for growing organic produce in her own garden and even for reason of not being able to afford to buy food.Power to our Health Freedom

  8. HI we have Ian Crane coming to Dunedin on the “13th November 2011 Sunday evening 6.45om at the University Archway lecture theatre…to discuss this and the global implications of this he is also in Auckland 11th NOvember Friday 2011 and Wellington 12th SAturday 2011 all starting at the time of 6.45pm and you can view the venues and all info at and we will be having a petition there we really want this to make it to mainstream media so all NZers can make an informed decision come election time as who we vote in will make the decision for us there are 3 things the food bill , the natural medicines bill and the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement. thank You take care and may food and health freedom be ours

  9. I would not worry too much – New Zealanders will do whatever they like in spite of what their stupid govt says. Yes Kiwi’s can be a bit apathetic, but it is partly because we have so little regard for the govt that we’ll do whatever we are accustomed to doing whatever stupid law is passed. We’re a proud and opinionated bunch, and any govt stupid enough to pass such a law will be voted out at the next election – in this case, that’s just around the corner 🙂 Goodbye National Party.

  10. I am from the USA & it’s true beware of Monsanto & the other Big Food Industries…it is happening here & our Government is moving quickly to a Tyranny…it is sad but the US is not the US it used to be because we have a Progressive Socialist in power right now- Good luck & stick to your guns!! I love New Zealand and regret that intervention from my Country is threatening your way of life…. We have an election coming in less than a year and I plan to do whatever I can to vote this idiot we have in Washington DC now out!! Take care Kiwi’s!! 🙂

  11. Hi there,
    The email address provided in this post for waicomgardens is not a valid email address. Does anyone know where the online petition against this bill is?

  12. Any govt that brings this in and thinks they can get the police or army to back them up is commiting political suicide. We should be asking our candidates and demand that they answer our concerns in this. We need to know which parties support this tyranny and opposition to our basic human rights.

  13. This is just SO WRONG in every way, another piece of muddle-headed crap imported from a country where people are having to live in storm drains FFS!
    The super-corporations and bankstabbers have much to answer for!

  14. Maria, quite frankly you are an idiot. Zionist Fascists? WOW, that is such a misguided label its hard to even know where to begin. Perhaps you should go and learn the meaning of those terms before you start throwing them around trying to act knowledgeable.

  15. I wonder if the journalist “martin” read the bill before writing this?
    He should, and you al should before getting up in arms…especially the part that says..”persons or organisations trading in food for a charitable purpose would therefore be exempt from the requirement to operate under a food control plan or national programme”
    That means, we can share our tomoatoes with our neighbours.
    Kool Blog bro.

  16. You people who think its not going to happen had better wake up fast, because this is part of global domination for ALL countries. If you think you are safe than you are in for a big shock. Google “codex Alimentarius” and you”ll get the big picture. There are already a number of European countries where these draconian laws are partially in place. Very scary…

  17. We can only hope that the reason kiwis are quiet about this is that the very notion of some governing body trying to stop them from having a vege garden is so absurd, that they feel confident that anyone attempting to interfere,to that extent, with what we do in our homes will be met with a big laughing fuck you and a leather boot smack in the mouth escort of my fuckin’ property… you white shirted briefcase toting fuckball …!!

  18. Very very sad..
    I have just read the bill and what shocks me most is it makes it illegal to distribute water. For example collecting rain water and giving it to the farm next door will be against the law!
    Think back to the Christchurch earthquake. Did anyone distribute water to their friends or family?
    Why would we even want to consider this bill.. Its adds NO value to New Zealanders..
    The big rich corporations who want this in should bugger off!
    What can we do to stop this?

  19. What some fail to realise that even with amendments this is a backdoor, baby-steps way of restricting our rights to grow our own food and supply water outside of ‘official’ sources… there is no need for this bill.. thats the real point here.. whats the basis for thsi bill in the first place? some will say its public safety BUT there are no cases of poisoning or danger worth mentioning that would necessitate this bill.. its a corporate scam pushed on politicians and its BUllshite!!
    There is NO justification for this bill in the first place so why even debate it or try and amend it.. the greens are too much placating instead of demanding a stop to it. This is about greed and control plain and simple.. dont buy into it!

  20. If you are worried about what you have read from this (and other) websites, just read the amendment to the bill itself. It will put your mind at ease. The government is not taking away your right to grow or share any of your food or seeds. You can even sell it at the local markets if you are raising money for charity. However, if you intend on selling your products, then you have to provide a food control plan or apply for exemption. This is no different from what a restaurant or larger food supplier already has to do. It ensures that you are selling a safe healthy product. I repeat, the government IS NOT taking away your God given right to grow or share your food. It’s just helping to prevent what happened to that poor girl in Thailand who died after eating from a street stall. Oh, and by the way, Jay, NZ has one of the highest rates of food poisening in the developed world…..

  21. Yes Brett time for a change of government, and Aaron, you can get food poisoning from with in your own house, this bill scares the hell out of me cause it is like the T.W.O is trying to take control of the worlds food, with so many starving people in the world they think it is right to destroy food cause the state did not give them permission to grow it?, who the hell are they to tell us, what veggies we can grow or not, god gave man kind seeds for all of man kind not for company’s to own.

  22. “Food control equals people control — and population control. Is this beginning to sound like world government and one-world order? Could this be the real goal behind Codex Alimentarius?”
    and this is a link with information about Codex Alimentarius….very very scary stuff….
    Just a few snippets from the article:
    What can we expect under Codex? To give you an idea, here are some important points:
    Dietary supplements could not be sold for preventive (prophylactic) or therapeutic use.
    Potencies would be limited to extremely low dosages. Only the drug companies and the big phytopharmaceutical companies would have the right to produce and sell the higher potency products (at inflated prices).
    Prescriptions would be required for anything above the extremely low doses allowed (such as 35 mg. on niacin).
    Common foods such as garlic and peppermint would be classified as drugs or a third category (neither food nor drugs) that only big pharmaceutical companies could regulate and sell. Any food with any therapeutic effect can be considered a drug, even benign everyday substances like water.
    Codex regulations for dietary supplements would become binding (escape clauses would be eliminated).
    All new dietary supplements would be banned unless they go through Codex testing and approval.
    Genetically altered food would be sold worldwide without labeling.
    “If Codex Alimentarius has its way, then herbs, vitamins, minerals, homeopathic remedies, amino acids and other natural remedies you have taken for granted most of your life will be gone. The name of the game for Codex Alimentarius is to shift all remedies into the prescription category so they can be controlled exclusively by the medical monopoly and its bosses, the major pharmaceutical firms.
    “This will create a world without borders ruled by a virtual dictatorship of the world’s most powerful central banks and multinational companies. This world is an absolute certainty if we all sit on our hands and do nothing.”
    “This is the future the FDA and FTC are striving to bring us via Codex harmonization. Is this a future we are going to willingly accept or prevent?”
    We are being brought into “harmonization” with international standards via this food bill…it might seem like a stupid bill to a lot of NZers but it really could be the beginning of a very scary future for us all…
    Please please please sign the petition, do all you can to prevent it going through…Do not vote National!!…Stand up for New Zealand and it’s people…

  23. This kind of interference with the natural rythym of the world is dangerous beyond belief. From the first agrarian societies of 10,000 years ago, civilization has supported individual farmers. Now all of a sudden only the giant and wealthy corporations will have the right to grow food and anyone who can’t afford to pay them for it will simply starve. I find it extremely difficult to consider this kind of situation beneficial to the population at large.

  24. Why even have a bill in the first place? Is food unsafe in New Zealand?
    More and more bills, legislation, food examiners, bureaucracy. Who and what are behind it all? Corporations and entities that want more profits? Elimination of competition? Control of all food?

  25. im not worried because what new zealander is going to put up with this american crap.anyone who trys and tells kiwis what to do with ther vegie garden are in for a carrot up the you know what.thankfully true kiwis have a brain of ther own and dont need to be dictated to what they do with there food.some new zealand polition is in bed with rothchild i wonder who it is thats selling us down the zion controled s#it hole!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. This is not right, first of all this a small economy does not have much resourses of its own and then the right to grow your own food is also taken away. this bill should be cancelled.
    We need right to breathe and grow our own food without and legal constrains
    We do not support this bill and want it to be cancelled

  27. We are screwed when most of the people in the country have no idea what is going on behind the scenes. The mere fact that our government is even allowing this bill to be presented for consideration is shocking at the least and disgusting and perverse at the in the extreme . Why are the greens not jumping up and down over this is beyond me and beaggers belief. And this is why I hate all politicians with a passion. why is it they seem only interested in protecting the interests of big bizzo all the while giving us, the people the big old finger.

  28. The World trade organisation puts enormous pressure on countries to comply to there regulations. Major major money will be made selling seeds internationally. I have heard claims that WTO are doing this to benefit undeveloped countries, but so far I have seen seeds that have been sold to poorer growers in countries and there crops are lasting one season but are not properly re seeding for the following season, so they are forced to re buy the seeds for next season. These seeds have been engineered this way. So guess who gets rich off the back of the poor and everybody else. They claim its for food hygiene etc…..Who gets sick from veges and fruit and seeds in NZ, if you wash them? Its just designed as political red tape to stop people from making money selling food, medicinal remedies and seeds. The website below can possibly help with opting out of this act on an individual level.

  29. If this government gets voted out what exactly do we replace it with? Nats out Labour in is like curing syphilis only to contract gonorrhea.
    I suppose we could try real democracy but it’s a bit unlikely to happen at short notice. Always popular with an opposition, less so with government.
    I suppose natural food does not have enough addictive properties (over-abundance of sugar)in it to make people buy more and more and more … of the same product – the essential bit. Therefore the supply of quality food must be regulated! We are not allowed to survive unless we pay some food company (worse than drug dealers) and the Grab, Snatch and Take (GST) arbiters (government) a tribute to their consideration and sacrifice they make on our behalf.
    Down with Don Key!
    I suppose there is some irony in that we are the only country to celebrate Guy Fawkes’ Day – not done in Australia I do not think? Time for a bit of real life – history repeating etc.

  30. The World Is Getting Harder, Faster, Quicker, Whilst We Spend our time Trying Out our Newest Game on our PCs, our very Basic Rights To fresh Home Grown Foodstuffs is being Undermined by Shadowy personages backed up by big dollars, soon the only place you will be able to share resources and food when you cant afford the dollar price for the real world food in your hard worked for pay-check will be on line, between your face book buddies Playing the newest game you can find think about it for a moment and then help me do something about it, Yours faithfully The Blue Dragon of the South Island New Zealand

  31. I’d suggest everyone actually read the bill before they panic as this blog & the article its based are not even remotely accurate. Its a classic case of scare mongering by conspiracy theorists & rent-a-protestors. You can download a copy & educate yourself rather than read paranoid rants like this
    The act applies to commercial producers only i.e you must be SELLING food on a COMMERCIAL scale.
    It does not give rights for food officers to use firearms
    Private sector inspectors must be goverment approved & most certainly are NOT immune from prosecution
    You can barter food as much as you like as long as you do not do it on a commercial scale
    You do NOT need authrorisation to grow, distribute, barter, trade or sell food on a non commercial scale
    Police CANNOT act as food inspectors however if required they can escort licenced food inspectors
    What the bill does is ensure that if you sell food commercially it must be fit for human consumption

  32. really check this bit of the act out then quote from the act Meaning of sale
    (1) In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires, sale, in relation to food,—
    (a) means selling food for processing and handling or for human consumption; and
    (b) includes—
    (i) reselling food for processing and handling or for human consumption; and
    (ii) offering food or attempting to sell food, or receiving or having food in possession for sale, or exposing food for sale, or sending or delivering food for sale, or causing or permitting food to be sold, offered, or exposed for sale; and
    (iii) bartering food; and
    (iv) selling, or offering to sell, any thing of which any food forms a part; and
    (v) supplying food, together with any accommodation, service, or entertainment, as part of an inclusive charge; and
    (vi) supplying food in exchange for payment or in relation to which payment is to be made in a shop, hotel, restaurant, at a stall, in or on a craft or vehicle, or any other place; and
    (vii) for the purpose of advertisement or to promote any trade or business, offering food as a prize or reward to the public, whether on payment of money or not, or giving away food; and
    (viii) exporting food; and
    (ix) every other method of disposition of food for valuable consideration.
    (2) The sale, offer, or exposure for sale of any food is to be treated, unless the contrary is proved, as a sale, an offer, or an exposure for sale of the food for human consumption.
    (3) The sale of any food for the purpose of being mixed with any other food is to be treated, unless the contrary is proved, as a sale if the bulk or product produced by the mixing, or any part of the bulk or product, is intended to be sold.
    (4) The supply of food by or on behalf of the Crown that is funded directly by the Crown for the purpose (whether in whole or in part), or that is funded by any other means, is to be treated as a sale of the food, unless an enactment provides otherwise

  33. whoa, we’d better hope that GOD hears about this and saves our souls cause some of the contributors like camomatic have their heads up their arse. Apathy is not going to cut it here.

  34. The US Senate Bill 509 does the same thing. This is going on in all first world countries. Africa land is being purchased by the Saudi’s and other Arab states to grow food for their countries and sell the excess, and South America is to become the bread basket for the states. That is why Bush Jr bought 100,000 acres of land in South America with Rev Moon buying 700,000 acres of land right next door and 500 heavily armed Marines are now stationed on their land. What does that tell you? SAME WITH WATER FOLKS, and if you rebel against the pedophiles running all these countries they will withhold your food and water. Better wake up, and kick out the bankers and their bought politicians like we are trying to do. All of us better wake up.

  35. You are so gullible Camomatic. Its not just about NZ but the whole world. Apathy is what brought you sodium fluoride, one of the most toxic human substances to be foisted on man. Mass medication is truly evil, and now they want to add lithium to your water. Have you ever looked into whats in vaccines. Inject it if you like mercury and formaldehyde. Won’t it be nice when you are asked to pay for the air that you breathe. Clean air will be come a commodity for capitalists.
    Inspite of all these problems the world is changing for the better, and in the near future this beautiful earth will be a place where angels will want to descent to and play. In the mean time, do not assume everything is going to be alright. Be vigilant!!!

  36. You guys need to settle down. These articles are written to scaremonger, and it’s working. Just do a bit of your own research and read the bill. Comments such as “using guns” etc are emotive sentences used to get you worried. But If you look at the bill you will see that the following statement – “a food safety officer may use at a place any equipment the officer has taken into the place if the officer reasonably believes that its use is necessary” has existed in the bill since 1981. This is the closest it gets to guns people. Nothing in the latest amendment to the bill mentions anything more. Can’t say I’ve seen too many armed raids happen in the last 30 years! And, as an aside, Sue Kedgley of the Green Party helped develop the amendment, do you really think she is out to take away your rights? I repeat, settle down…

  37. Camomatic, you will never convince people like Roman that the world isn’t being run by some sort of New World Secret Order, they wan’t to believe it. And they will talk black and blue that it’s us with our eyes closed – blah de blah watched too much Zeitgeist (which by the way, none of their prophecies came true). If people would actually take a little time and read source documents and not beleive secondhand information then we wouldn’t be in this stupid debate. I’m sick of the conspiracy theorists who think everyting in this world is a plot against us – and push it on us like religion (which most of them abhor anyhow).

  38. The use of the word ‘guns’ is not scare mongering. The same bill has already been passed in the US and they are already conducting armed raids on small farms and small food businesses

  39. Aaron another misinformed apathetic twit. Suck up some more sodium fluoride Aaron cos its done exactly to you that its meant to, dumb you down.

  40. Aaron,
    Quote “It’s just helping to prevent what happened to that poor girl in Thailand who died after eating from a street stall” You’re pathetic. You are soooo missing the point. You’re intelligence freaks me out.

  41. When Health Freedom dot org: an organization run by Dr. Rima Laibow and retired Maj. General Stubblebein first published their information on Codex, people laughed. There is not so much laughter now. The WTO is a private organization, not a governmental one, and the same goes for Codex. Codex was founded by the former CEO of the chemical/pharmaceutical company that supplied all needs of the Nazis, including the Death Camp gas Zyklon B, IG Farben. After his prison term for crimes against humanity he went to an old friend in the WTO with the idea of Codex and using food as a weapon in the old Nazi eugenics program. People think Codex is a consumer protection agency; it is NOT!
    Per Dr. Laibow (she and General Stubblebein attend the Codex meetings, including the one in which Codex decided to use the dosage standards for poisons applied to dosages for nutrients; more in a moment), Codex’s own website can be read to say that once it has control of the food supply of the world, the first of three billion expected deaths as a result of those standards will be from “simple starvation.” The next two will be from many different diseases of malnutrition such as cancer, scurvy, and many, many others.
    The standard for determining safe levels of toxins says that a dose that produces ANY measurable effect on the human body is too high a dose. Applied to food and food supplements, this includes the effect of health. This is how Codex determines the largest allowable dose of nutrients.Of course people just refuse to believe that something like this could be out in the open like that, but is IS. America’s fake food safety law and now New Zealand’s May NOT say these things outright, but it’s already happening in the U.S. anyway – it’s how you interpret different clauses in the bill! Check this out: In another incident, a small family-operated organic farm essentially having a family picnic was forced to destroy all of its food! It’s insane, it’s horrifying, and it’s really happening! People had damned well better wake up and start fighting this! If you think you can’t legally be forced to starve to death, think again!

  42. S 510 Food Safety bill is the USA version. It was written by an ex employee of Monsanto. See Heritage Foundation. The second largest shareholder of Monsanto is George Soros. The Phillanthrocrat who calls himself Christlike.
    It will raise considerable money by fining farmers who contravene draconian farming regulations. Such as where they plant, where they graze their animals,this combined with Agenda 21/Network Cities/Sustainable Cities will bring serfdom back to the world. This global net work of local govt. regards humans like Theodore Roosevelt as the human herd, to be vaccinated culled and bred by global elites like George Soros who funds euthanasia, legalising drugs and human trafficking. Local Govt. (there is a push in Australia to put local govt. under Federal law and the Constitution)will provide the human right to housing, food health and drugs for personal use.
    An example of this S 510 bill is a two year stake out by the FDA of the Amish and their so called unhygenic dairy production and distribution through local markets. In Australia the Murray Darling food bowl is about to regulated out of existence. See Barnaby Joyce Press Release.

  43. @Camomatic
    I too believe one should inform oneself. Have you read the bill? Have you read the contract that comes with your credit card? These and many other documents only lawyers can understand. Sorry, but I need somebody else to explain this to me in plain English.
    Next, what are the definitions for ‘sell’ & ‘commercial’? Does this affect the person at the weekly farmers market? You also don’t mention seeds, a very big issue when talking about Monsanto and their ilk.
    To be a believable voice in between all the scaremongering & worries, please clarify your position & legal expertise in this area. For every point that you claim in your post, please provide the relevant passages from the bill.

  44. First US now NZ next here in Australia, and justified by responses claiming that the new legislation poses no harm, that it’s us who are alarmist fear mongers. If the food bill won’t actually affect the average home gardener then any aspect of the legislation that even hints at opportunity for potential abuse or imposition of the proposed law in this way should be immediately removed.

  45. Check out Alex jones at and if you haven’t, he has all the gough you need on this sorta stuff. Important news on not just this food bill in the US but other worthy stories that need to be read, heard and seen. I urge you to take pride in humanity and do the right thing, y’all. Your planet needs you! Your people need you! Stand up!

  46. George Orwell must be rolling in his grave. Big Brother is getting way out of hand and he must be put to REST. To many chiefs and not enough Indians as they say. I am tired of these sons of bitches telling me what to do.

  47. For all of you rattling the cage doors and drumming this up, let me ask – will you let someone take away your right to grow food in your back yard? I tell you now, anyone that attempts to take away my right to grow and consume fresh organic food will be met by firm resistance. This is something I would consider worth laying my life down for, and I imagine that I am not the only one. At present, we are seeing governments being overthrown by protests and riots in the middle east on an almost monthly basis and that is exactly what the NZ government will experience if they try to enforce any such draconian control on us. The big concern I have is that small local growers will have their lively-hoods destroyed by this legislation, and on that basis I object to the amendment of the act and have added my name to the petition.

  48. We live in a very unique time/reality..bloggers and bickerers all need to find solutions so your inherent rights are not violated , the new world order is real and happening and has been in play probably longer than some of you have been alive..there is just as much good as bad going on, but it’s up to us to make a choice, were do u stand, what do u support, some of us realize the need to change and live in a world were we honor and support all diversity and the others don’t..make your choice and start living it, we probably will never know the real truth behind all the crazy stuff going on, just know your own truth, step put of the box you have put yourself in and start speaking up for yourself and others..the Internet is a great resource for information and networking, check out the new movie Thrive and be part of the Thrive Movement….

  49. I have been a gardener for 3o years…I grow everything in my back yard. I live in Washington State and the people here all do it,,,We are a very Hippie State and we take pride in growing fresh safe food for our families ands sometimes we take it to market…Never has anyone ever said I couldn’t !! I collect my seeds and I share with neighbors…I do know one thing I would fight for my rights if someone did !!!

  50. The devil’s apostles are wrecking havoc to this world! Yah, they’ll turn everything into business…everything that was free before are now becoming commodities to be paid…these people must be burned alive!

  51. Roman you sound pretty much like all the wanna-be eco-warriors who attack everything and everyone who doesn’t agree with them. I support Aaron – Roman should take the time to become a little literate and actually read AND UNDERSTAND what the bill is actually saying.

  52. Oh yes…. PLEASE read all you can about conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.There’s plenty available. Be informed and stop wasting time on alarmist bullshit.

  53. I am a little concerned at the look of this bill. Im not sure if I read it properly but does it say I will be prosecuted for having my veggie garden out the back?

  54. It is happening in the US, it is happening in Europe, seeds are engineered to last only one season, and vaults are being created around the world to protect original seeds in case of destruction and for the sake of the big corporations. There is no conspiracy, this is just the way the “world order” is being built day by day…

  55. Support producers of 100% Non-Hybrid, Non-GMO seeds.
    Search for Heirloom seeds suppliers. Grow your own keep the seeds.
    Don’t buy supper-market fruit and veg if they are grown from hybrid seeds
    Starve the BEAST it will be the best way to bring these anti-life corporations down. Don’t consume / use any of their products and tell them why.
    They are united and driven by greed and control. We must unite and be driven by the love of life and freedom.
    Grew my own tomatoes (Gardeners Delight and Latah) for the first time this year from heirloom seeds – absolutely delicious.
    Peace and Love from the UK

  56. Hello there, just became alert to your weblog via Google, and found that it’s really informative. I am gonna be careful for brussels. I will appreciate should you continue this in future. Many other people will likely be benefited from your writing. Cheers!

  57. Just passed something similar here in the US. People have been arrested for selling whole milk, health food stores have been raided, it’s ridiculous. Didn’t know the WTO was involved in this. Thanks for the heads up!

  58. The solution is..
    Learn to say NO, its that simple
    You need a drivers licence to operate your automobile, NO
    You need to pay taxes, NO
    You can’t have a firearm without a licence, NO
    You must enroll for voting(accept this system), NO
    You must pay this speeding fine, NO
    You must “register” your child’s birth, NO
    Stop talking about the problems and make a decision ( A choice made and no other option considered possible) to put into action the necessary process to fix the problem. That’s a real decision.
    Peace and love

  59. Dear NZ citizens,
    I wish you courage, power and wisdom to stop this shameful act of Monsanto + FDA + WTO. What Monsanto has been doing in the past 80 years is something that can be called crime agains humanity and Monsanto and FDA personnel responsible should face the International Criminal Court in Hague. I am very deeply saddened by this. Up to this point I believed that the key for the future are the small self-independent communities. I forgot to calculate that these communities can be simply banned because self-independence is something utterly undesirable by the rulers of consumer society and powerful companies like Monsanto 🙁
    Peter from Hungary

  60. i think this is pathetic your there away something thats been with us since the start of time pretty much and its bullshit and not fair who are they to say what we can grow and what we can’t or even make things to sustain our living needs like what are you thinking when the riot happens ill be there

  61. think this is pathetic your taking away something thats been with us since the start of time pretty much and its bullshit and not fair who are they to say what we can grow and what we can’t or even make things to sustain our living needs like what are you thinking when the riot happens ill be there farming and harvesting is essential to us and a tradition and a skill that must be carried so forth to the next generation and what happens to the poor that do rely on saving there money and rely on there crop out the back you people make me sick there just not my people im there’s and your part of us is-well and your gonna do this to us and be ok bout it?/ common this is nz we do this stuff for living you moron sooo pretty much what your saying your gonna control other peoples resources and the everything that’s keeping them alive
    and there assets pretty much not fair rude pitiful.mark my words for those who created this and thinks that this is OK i hope when you die you will be judged by god and i hope he throws you to the deepest boules of hell .your not human like us we care

  62. Sawasdee,
    please show me the exact passages in the bill,
    from which you conclude that the goverment/industry “takes away human right to grow food”.
    thank you for your time and knowledge
    (reading AND understanding law texts is a very timeconsuming realm)

  63. so what are we going to do about this bill New Zealanders,are we going to roll over again like sheep or are we going to stand up for our rights and the rights of our chrildren to have and grow GE free foods

  64. I recommend a healthy round of go fcuk yourselves with this law you do not own food big fat fcuk you I’m planting a garden now to give it away.

  65. So when the world food supply crashes and it will because non regenerqting seeds will leave no new food supplies New Zealanders will die of starvation after a season when nothing else will grow – seeds have a single use time frame from Monsanto and when the distribution of new seeds becomes impossible and it will there will be no food grown in this county

  66. This is a disgraceful example of government & Coproate piracy gone mad. The right to survival is a birthright – to feed one self or others a god given right! no government, corporation or greedy fuck has the right to remove these rights from anyone of us! Food Police are you kidding me – the WTO & US FDA do not have juristriction over anyone’s right to breathe, eat, or live – they can never be allowed this power! The WTO sold out years ago to the big Companies, Gentic misuse of food stains their latest sin, the fact that this is being done in secret, without public envolvement or wide media coverage shows they know that what they are doing is completely wrong and greed based. They cannot be allowed to control our food supplies, it can lead to so much misuse and very scary outcomes.
    Shocked that they are still able to move against humanity in this way without the slightest sense of guilt or conscience!

  67. Key is such a friggin wimp…so now you can all forget about growing fruit and veges to help yourselves or your neighbours…Key of course will smirk and let everyone know how they have got it wrong, The Bill will go through regardless and New Zealanders will continue to vote for a communist government …..who’s at fault ??? We are being led like lambs to the slaughter …..

    • We are definitely at fault *for* being led like lambs.
      If we don’t like it, it’s our responsibility to stand up and spread awareness -let’s spread awareness in person and create an impact beyond our online communities.

    • Communist? I think you mean capitalist, this bill in no way is communist and is the most capitalist bill I have ever seen going through parliament. Communism is far left and would in fact encourage the growing and sharing of crops, where capitalism is far right and helps the rich get richer. This in no way helps the people only giant corporations, if you don’t know what a world means don’t use it!

    • So true kayleen. He has been laughing at our stupidity and blind following of him for years. Did u know he worked for the US treasury dept. before coming back to nz and become a politician? I reckon he was bought by corporations back then and came to nz to push through US agendas.

  68. This is ridiculous, people will not be able to provide fresh healthy food for there families, as it is already too expensive in supermarkets anyway. New Zealand Government needs to sort their priorities out and start thinking of their people. VERY disappointed!

    • What is ridiculous is the number of people who have not bothered to read the relevant information before jumping to conclusions. This in NO WAY affects the home gardener.

        • And it will affect the home gardener when it comes to buying seeds. Its just tge government wanting more money and control. And did you rwad the bit about sausage sizzles? What r they serious?!

      • In my area, every 3rd “home gardener” has a vegetable stand at the end of his driveway. These are all businesses, on a small scale, and promote food diversity and diversity in lifestyle.

      • What about the old dear across the road who has an abundance of lettuces and gives them away to her neighbours. She could be prosecuted for this and arrested. Delve a little further yourself Grumpy.

      • Of course this affects the home gardener! When the sale of Heirloom seeds becomes practically illegal, and the only ones available are the one-time usage, GMO-infested Monsanto seeds, and you then plant them in your garden, Monsanto have every right under property law to come in to your home and either take your plants or (even worse) class your land (at least your garden) as theirs, due to their seeds taking hold in your garden. This has already started happening in the US and Europe. Your only options are to either: A) defy this Draconian-age law and follow the lessons of our ancestors, and grow non-Monsanto-based-filth (you will have to do your research), and do what humanity has been doing for thousands of years – feed the people (I was always taught that ‘Manaaki(tia) Te Iwi’ meant ‘Feed The People’ – apologies if i’m wrong!), OR B) acquiescence to Monsanto.. The choice is yours now, New Zealand. I hope you make the right choice!

      • Please go back to church and learn to not be so self righteous …..Monsanto is trying to cull the population, reduce the number of people on the planet..thats common knowledge now.

    • Correction don’t lean on the NZGoV to sort thier prios how bout we kick em out unite as one under the treaty, perhaps querry the views with the Maori King movement see what actions they have for the people, If you want this prob….to go away then ask the right questions and thats in accordance to our treaty we have in place with the pommies ( prisoners of mother england OOzie included.

  69. This is appalling. John Key is nothing but an American puppet selling us out at a vast rate of knots. It is time to stand up and be counted. I will not bow down to this Draconian law and will happily go to court if necessary and jail to highlight what is going on. The powers that be are trying to control the whole worlds’ food supply so they can control all people. Monsanto needs to be eliminated off the face of the earth, followed by the sycophantic governments who bow down to big corporations for their own greed.

    • Yes thank you so much …wise words..Monsanto is trying to cull the population, reduce the number of people on the planet..thats common knowledge now.

  70. I can grow food on my land if i choose to. I find it quite culturally insensitive to say that we cant grow rongoa and crops on our land as our ancestors taught us to. I laugh at this proposal especially when the crown is RENTING the land off maori people to have the government established here, and has been for a very long time. Let’s see the government actually enforce this!

    • Do not let them to impose this. Then it will be too late. Rise up against it and do not allow this world mafia to succeed.

      • Yes well said , very wise…Monsanto is trying to cull the population, reduce the number of people on the planet..thats common knowledge now.

  71. This bill should be abolished. If we let the government control our right to simply grow food to feed our family, friends and neighbours what will we let them get away with next??!! It’s appalling to see our usual unwavering courage wither under a corporate tyrant. Grow a pair Key and do what’s right! It’ll be your family starving along side ours if your stupidity pushes through this bill.

      • Yes he was placed there to push the american agenda…Monsanto is trying to cull the population, reduce the number of people on the planet..thats common knowledge now.

  72. This ‘bill’ leaves me numb struck! They take away our rights in every way. What sort of world do we live in?? People are starving (so we’re told) so do we grow our own potatoes? Hell yes, but get them in the ground before these ‘dh’s do their readings which could make all this illegal. Please read the articles, and the bill in progress and get together as the whole of NZ should, and protest. .I’m fast losing faith in these pollies regardless of who they are, for to let this get to this point is disgusting!!!!! .

  73. Did any of you actually read the bill or just the headline? Seriously it is doing nothing like taking away the right to grow food, it is merely adding some legislation involving the SELLING of food. It also explicitly excludes things like clubs/societies selling food at sports events/fairs etc and only places them under food handling guidlines.
    I disagree that the majority of seeds would fall under the definition of food (capable of being used, or represented as being for use, for human consumption).
    They are also have different requirements for small-scale businesses:
    A person who may be granted an exemption under this section includes someone who—
    (a) produces in his or her own home any food for sale; and
    (b) sells the food to a consumer only; and
    (c) does not employ or engage any other person to assist in the production or sale of the food; and
    (d) does not otherwise sell or distribute the food.
    Don’t go for a knee-jerk reaction when you don’t know what you are talking about

    • However upon reading the smallprint as you suggest i discover that ‘very small businesses’ or ‘cottage industries’ must apply for an exemption from the laws on a case-by-case basis-they are not automatically exempt…..(i cannot cut and paste the relevant section so i will leave you to find and read yourself….)

      • A ‘cottage business’ is still in the business of selling food to the public. As a member of the ‘public’ I have the right to know that the food has been produced to a set of standards.

        • WTF kind of alarmism is this? You don’t trust your neighbour or local farmer, so now you are going to hire your government to snoop on him to ensure he sells you the right variety of carrots? That sounds nuts to me. Is there such an epidemic in society of farmers incorrectly labelling vegetables that some politicians had to devote all their time and now tax payers dollars to implement extra overhead and bureaucracy to the simple act of growing food for some profit?

        • Monsanto GE standards you mean. This is all legal and doesn’t need to be labelled. I am not the least worried by the cottage standards, GE is completely another matter – it terrifies me because I know how it is made and the implications.There is also the implications is this bill How it could be used. I want natural seeds not the bee killing, people killing profit makers of Monsanto – these are completely protected under this bill

          • I totally agree ..27 million bees died off near Monsantos GE crops….that is total proof its bad for consumption for any living thing…Monsanto is trying to cull the population, reduce the number of people on the planet..thats common knowledge now.

    • Im sorry but i must disagree with you this is a big deal as it is place controls on a fundemental right to grow and share food, seeds and drinks including water. This is the type of control that would see every human being asking the government to “allow” us the “privelage” to become self sufficent. This is wrong and this has been done without WE THE PPL being aware of this law as the government has made this non notifiable, this in itself is un democratic. I am aware that there is good side to this bill being passed but there needs to be alot of changes before it is passed. Peace be with you

      • “it is place controls on a fundamental right to grow and share food, seeds and drinks including water.”
        Where did you get that from? Which section of the Bill?
        As far as I can tell, this bill regulated the food industry (section 9) – that is, businesses which trade food. There’s no mention of the regulation of growing food under any other circumstances.

    • please explain why it is ok to force us to apply for an exemption to grow our own food? And how can you trust that this process of gaining an exemption won’t be made onerous and expensive to prevent most people from pursuing it?
      Don’t sit there and tell me this shit is ok.

        • Grumpy, don’t be such an idiot. This is unnecessary legislation that is meant to erode freedom in society. It will not protect anyone from anything – just put more control (bloat) in the government.

          • I agree that it is eroding freedom in society. It is not for the better of anything, but a way of controlling what everyone does. If we cant grow our own food freely, we are beholden to someone else to supply it. Controlling food means controlling people, as we have to have food to survive.

          • Yes I 100% agree, american agenda…why do you think Putin has declared his country to be GE free….and is now passing laws to encourage the growing of healthy organic foods..
            Russia is right now giving away farm lands to create farms to grow organic healthy grains and crops…because he knows Monsanto is trying to cull the population, reduce the number of people on the planet..

    • And the seeds that Monsanto produce are more often than not Genetically modified – still agree it’s all OK????!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Another self righteous totally unaware kiwi ….go back to church and learn to humble yourself to the truth , if you support this then you are the enemy…
      Monsanto is trying to cull the population, reduce the number of people on the planet..thats common knowledge now….so you must be employed by them…eh

  74. WTO have no place in our clean green land. I piss on you John keys for jumping in bed with all these money grabbing shitstirers.

  75. we need to publicisr this. Find the tosser minister whos little [et [roject this is and hau; him or hwe up on national tv to explain themselves

  76. Truly appalling. How can any Government think that this is in the interest of its nation.. The amount of man hours and taxpayer dollars that have gone into this lunacy surely could’ve been put to better use on matters much needed like education, breakfast or lunch provisions for children sent to school with nothing, or clothing for those unfortunate as well. I live in Australia but am closely tied with your beautiful country. Don’t let it be ruined by Mr Key. Together we can make a difference. Stand up for your beautiful, remarkable and truly unique country that is adored the world over!
    Stefano Olivieri

    • Key suffers from a mental illness I call GREED!!! Obsessive compulsive disorder comes to mind when I think of greedy people. They have more than enough money to last a lifetime and much longer ( Hearse don’t have luggage racks ) yet they feel compelled to acquire more, seemingly, no matter the cost. The trickle down theory, seems to be in reverse at the moment with this government, and they are putting the squeeze on already financially stressed people, they are selling our assets ( which belong to us, the people of Aotearoa ) there has been a wage freeze for the past 5 or 6 years, and now they are trying to control our food, its growth and distribution. If we allow this, what will be next?? controlling how many kids we can have?? Is this turning in to a policed state?? where most of our population will have no money, no rights, and no food!! Will we be bowing to King Key?? For those who are reading this, have a think about what is happening here, are we in a big experiment to see how far the government can go?? Will we end up in a dictatorship ?? Just saying…….

      • Yes I 100% agree with you there, american agenda…why do you think Putin has declared his country to be GE free….and is now passing laws to encourage the growing of healthy organic foods..
        Russia is right now giving away farm lands to create farms to grow organic healthy grains and crops…because he knows… Monsanto is trying to cull the population, reduce the number of people on the planet..

  77. could you please put a link to the actual BILL and not put the recommendations up as if they were that Bill. We need to read the real thing.

  78. I will give it a year, and lets and see how many permanent NZ residents leave. With this ‘new’ food law, NZ will die as a potential tourist spot. I would go to there to enjoy the snow, etc but with Monsanto calling their cancerous seeds healthy, I will NEVER go to NZ period, and I’m sure there are many people who would agree with me . . . . .

    • O.M.G. READ THE INFORMATION. then get off your high horse. This bill is about protecting the consumer from all those things you seem to think it’s doing. As far as I’m aware, our seeds dont come from Monsanto.
      We don’t need people like you here.

      • Grumpy – go away. If you think this is protecting NZ then I feel sad for you. Read a bit more before condemning people for their views.

      • So who has been hurt, poisoned or inconvenienced from small time food growers? Not you, not me, not anyone here.
        This is a law made to protect nobody but vested interests.

    • Couldn’t agree more with you. It wasn’t only the VC that killed military personell in Vietnam it was Monsanto along with Ivor Watkins Dow. Ivor Watkins has gone but Dow is atill there. We need to keep our beautiful country free of these companies. I hope next year we get rid of Dictator John Key and our country can become a democracy again. Alot of our younger people can leave but there a number of us who are unable to because of financial restraints, ill health or age. I still think our country is still way better than most, hope we can keep it that way.

    • Yes I 100% agree, american agenda…why do you think Putin has declared his country to be GE free….and is now passing laws to encourage the growing of healthy organic foods..
      Russia is right now giving away farm lands to create farms to grow organic healthy grains and crops…because he knows Monsanto is trying to cull the population, reduce the number of people on the planet..

  79. Im sorry but this is a good thing people don’t understand that with people who grow their own food and sell it don’t use always use the right methods to unsure the food is healthy and safe to consume this law is not about stopping people from self sufficient its about food safety

      • there is nothing healthy about gmo u are not reading this properly that takes organic out of the picture cause of contamination fuck that shit in less than ten yes everyone will be dead the bees will die off first then we are fucked having to rely on the robot bee the government has made fuck that nz wake up the enemy is the free masons they are all the riches judges lawyers police it goes on and on soon as the white man came to nz that has been the plan not just here but all over the world if u think this sounds crazy then research it and u will not be laughing end times are coming they are the reason behind the earthquakes 911 they worship a falling angel the big L ANGEL OF LIGHT it makes them think there are more than one god and that they are aliens it just gets weirder and then more fucked up they have changed the bible so much that man cant trust in it the churches are corrupted they own them all were do u think the ten percent goes to the bankers who are the bankers illuminati what are they just the top rank of the free masons if we dont do something about this we will be dead or slaves not worth living they will lose in the end when christ returns

    • You put the seed in the ground, you water it, you watch it grow, you pick it and then eat it. Not difficult, nor is that unhealthy, our forefathers managed to grow food without killing us, food safety my arse.

  80. NZ has long been the West’s economic laboratory. From the high tariff walls of post war mass Keynesianism straight into the “free’ market bunfight of the ’80s Rogernomics farrago, t’was ever thus. The rest of us will now observe and doubtless follow suit. Is it time for the revolution yet? Good luck…

  81. Remember Gandhi and the Salt. Does it serve the people? How many people don’t like the law? Do the maths. If the government you elected is not serving you properly – do not vote for them in the future – ever again. There are many many more ordinary people than those in positions of power. The people have the power – the government is meant to serve you.

  82. this is absolute fucken bullshit. you encourage the country to be healthy and to rid our obesity epidemic but you now want to take the right of growing your own fresh and healthy food source away from us. i tell you what how about you all go fuck yourselves and look at the problems that actually need fixing in this country such as poverty, crime and recession. this is the reason i will not be voting for shitty john keys this time around he has just disappointed and made a fool out of our country!

  83. This bill is designed to control food, seeds and you. They are the part of the system, you think the system has been working you must have your heads in the sand. Do what ever you need to do, they are going to do it anyway. It’s the world we live in.

  84. Oh dear the Govt. is so hard done by by the DIY home grower, it’s missing out on so much revenue eh! just like the fishing laws and limits here comes the land laws!! Well I’m with Ultramega!!… go fcuk yourselves pompus arses!!

  85. This is a three year old blog from someone who didnt even read what they were talking about. The Bill was to protect us from bad food practices in both the growing and handling of what we eat. Why would anyone complain about that?? It has nothing to do with the home gardener.

  86. Well………I did not think in a 1000 years NZ would be subject to this sort of treatment, what the hell is wrong with the Government that they bow to pressure from others.
    WW1 & WW2 Soldiers would be turning in their graves, giving their lives for this sort of crap!! Come on Keys think man …Think!

    • So will the Vietnam Vets and others that followed who did the same . Never have voted National never will. This Key government tops the lot. Can’t wait for next year and I hope those who moan especially Nat supporters see the light. They didn’t seem to see the light at the last election, they could have put their vote somewhere else. Sorry if I get off track, as for Key saying he has the mandate to do this and that, including selling part of our power companies, he doesn’t because not all of those who were elegible to vote didn’t and he hasn’t got a majority govt either. This govt isn’t serving the people thats for sure, the sooner we get out of this Key dictatorship and regain our democracy back the better. Sick and tired of being a refugee in my own country. We are fast becoming a state of China. They come here from China set up businesses then go into receivership, Main Zeal classic example, and look who was at the top on person, look at developers who have gone the same way again one person at the top, and the list goes on. Now we got the likes of Monsanto going to dictate to us who grows food and how here. Look at what has happened in the USA and in other parts of the globe. Look what they did to our Vietnam vets with Ivor Watkins Dower with the making of what became Agent Orange, pink, green etc etc, which in the end killed my husband. And yes that was a national govt that did that too.

      • Does anyone realise that Monsanto actually produced Agent Orange and the likes before they got onto the dominance of the world food supply!!

  87. This was posted over 2 years ago…. Unless there has been a major increase of arrests in the past couple of months, then I do not think that this has had much of an affect if it did pass…

  88. NZders just keeps bending over and taking it, 1080 destruction of excellent food sources and selling reject grade snapper to us at $50 a KILO. This food bill is just a continuation, we as humans have hunted, gathered and grown our own food for thousands of years and we still exist. For those who need some asshole in a suit to tell us what to eat… BAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  89. I think it is nonsense that this is about food safety, I think it is about big business being scared of losing their big business and control of the masses and I’m not typically left wing. Come on, you plant a seed, you grow it, you harvest it, you eat it, it’s not rocket science. Health and safety as gone mad, growing your own food has to be one of the oldest things in history and potentially the simplest for the common person!

  90. I hope you guys and gals in NZ manage to stop this in it’s tracks.
    In Oz, I am disengaging from the Consumerist Society in order to halt this deliberating disease that is being inflicted on us by the undemocratic infected parts of our Parliaments. See them as a disease that they are and work to slice them out of the body of your Democratic Country.
    NZ is a small Country, but strong, big in heart and mind. Be proud of who you are. You deserve the best. Your people are the best asset, I have found, in all the times I have visited your land. You are worthy of respect in a big World.
    Growing my own food is a part of this strategy to protect my family from those who seek to enslave us all to their desires and placing my family into bondage and slavery to have something to eat and survive. Stand firm on your human rights and see any others who seek to dilute such, as enemies of the people, you, your family, that they are.
    You are not alone. We are the 99%. Together, united, we will surmount this threat to our freedoms.

  91. Agenda 21. Who cares what our Politians do, say or who they sell us out to. I will do as I damn well please. You can take my seeds and veggies from my cold dead hands after you kick down my door and fight me for it!!! The worlds governments along with the UN, WTO, Big Banks and Über Corporations are the real Terrorists on this planet. Just so long as people dont start waking up to these Nazis, they’ll achieve Agenda 21. Get reading about Agenda 21 folks and push back!!!

  92. how ridiculas they have already manipulated our airloom seed you have to hunt very hard to get a good fruit tree Really now they want to take our rights
    away to plant we been doing this for hundreds of years i am gob smack that these people are deciding for all of us. piss off Dont Vote keys back in thats all i have to say.

  93. Us as new zealanders need to stand up and start a revolution overthrowing the government and there greedy way’s JOHN KEY AND HIS GREEDY MATES NEED TO GO !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who agrees

    • For me and for many, many others I know who have voiced their objections
      of him and his ways of running this country, he and his chums are far
      out the backdoor already. And since he ignored the recent referendum on
      the sale of our assets THAT really has hammered home the last nail in
      his coffin. We simply cannot get rid of him and his lot fast enough!
      2014 is when he WILL really feel the boot up his ass to get the short
      shift…believe you, me.

  94. well as far as i think they can go get f**ked if i want to grow food for my family with it be famil in my house or family around town i fucking will and if a pig truns up2 my place and tells me i cant they can go get fucked as well

  95. The gates of hell have opened and the evil is flooding out, the question is what are you going to do about it? Shall I tell you what I am doing about it? I boycott CocaCola and every other company which poured millions into defeating GMO labeling in USA, I emailed them to let them know too. I live within my means, I have no debt whatsoever as every time you apply for one you are feeding the machine. I refuse to buy anything that is not labeled as Organic. Expensive? Take a look around your home and let me know how many gadgets do you have which are not necessary. It can be done, trust me on this one. Some of you might say that Organic is not the best way but that is not the point. The point is to refuse to buy GMOs until they become a liability. I boycott Nestle because of their water bottling business, I emailed them about it also. It can be done. However insignificant you think your action are just do it. They want you to think exactly that, that you are insignificant and that you don’t matter but you do and damn right you can make the difference. People, we are in this together and if we stick together they will not stand a chance in hell with their evil plans. If not then lives of your children will not be worth living.

  96. How do we join the online petition please and further information on how to stop this going further as in next readings or if it has had its final reading how to turn it. concerned father of 11. always grown gardens have seeds from parents handed down. i have lost some also due to being crossed pollinated i think, (Another issue) i say lets unite and fight for our rights

  97. New zealanders need to stand up even if it means revolution! Especially maori people! Its your land and your way of life. My husband is maori and we were thinking of going back with kids. But we want to live on family farm and grow food. Not happy !! Im sure Australia is next. We the people needto stand against these tyrants!

  98. Sorry But I’m not going to listen to the Government. I pay rent so I have rights to do what I do in my backyard. So John Keys you can kiss my ass for all I care!! I can’t wait to see you flying out of the Parliament Office!!

  99. I just want to know, where is the petition we should all be signing. There surely would not be many people who wouldn’t sign it. If anyone knows how to get a petition going, then please, feel free!!

  100. We need to do what Gandhi would have done. When Indians were not allowed to make their own salt he made salt against the law on his salt march. It’s called non-violent civil disobedience and it overthrew the most powerful empire in the world.

  101. This is propaganda, the information is completely outdated and you really should research things properly before you go making people angry for no reason. Irresponsible!

  102. Unfortunatly Its all about the $$ in thier wallets.. never mind the little people ae john key.. sad because were i come from in new zealand we are the fruit bowl of nz. Imagine the mass loss of employment .. john key ur a disgrace to lead a country into poverty.. what a leader we chose for nz

  103. How can people sign a petition objecting to the law being passed? Monsato should not be allowed to dictate how we produce food, what we put in our soil. Why are the bees dying in the USA – due to the way they are treating the food industry, allowing toxic pesticides which are causing problems. We as a nation need to stand up and say a loud NO.

  104. What they’re doing in America with demolishing (already have) peoples rights to grow food in their back yard or front yard, or farmers rights to sell produce off their farms or even hungry families to even forage for food to feed their families….is gradually being integrated into this country by this fascist traitor to the people of this country by our ever smiling ’emperor wears no clothes’ no ears, John Keys, to please his masters. No doubt the prick will get back in, and then WHAT? … go down there and kick him out like what’s happening in overseas countries?

  105. yea im down with go to another planet and rule that one you control freaks, take your power driven bullshit and stick it up your ars, next minute you poison us and then what….. look where you dictators got us already! fuct the planet……with control…..control control….. control your own shit and go have a feed…….oh no hang on a second, you’ll have to find out where the suppliers got it from… then who made it ……. gosh you might as well just eat your shit!!!!!!!!
    dont agree

  106. Thin edge of a very big wedge, my friends. NZ is a canary in the coal mine of world food security. Don’t fail, us, friends!

  107. Whoever wrote this article clearly has not read the bill. I suggest before you take any action you read the bill and its amendments. The misinformation provided in this article is just scaremungering and is far from the reality.

  108. Why do you think Obama here in America made it so he can declare martial law even during peace time. I bet that before his term ends, he will do something that makes a small uprising to where he can declare it HENCE control food, manufacturing, boarders, our cars, weapons, water and so on. YEP that is my opinion. The world is being used as a cat toy and I don’t think anyone was joking when they talk about the world trying to create a new world order by having one currency for the world, control food and everything else.
    WE THE PEOPLE are free by birth right. Everything restricted is because of the governments. Its okay for a government to restrict things that are necessary and do what is right for the people BUT when it becomes a dictatorship and you SLOWLY see your freedos diminishing, this is what people should be scared of. ALL the things currently happening are so gradual and everything and is reported in a way to keep people guessing so NO ONE can REALLY pin that point for fact but that is why the do it slow…. so people will shrug it off and anyone that REALLY sees the bullshit can be called insane. BUT those people are right.
    Nothing will happen all at once. It will happen slowly and you are seeing it everyday. It is TIME to see that truth. Either way, what is there that can be done…. Not much unless the people (a VERY LARGE majority) stand up against it. Until people can come together, I’m afraid that these governments can do whatever they want with zero repercussions.

  109. It’s just a piece of paper with some nonsense scribbled on it. It has no magical powers, it cannot *do* anything, anymore than can the US Constitution *do* anything. So just burn it, refuse any belief in a magic amulet!

  110. Old News, going back to 2011.. They still have their gardens for personal consumption, AND Firearms Licences for properly vetted and screen citizens!!!

  111. The U.S. has used starvation methods in third world countries for decades. Now it will be used on a global scale. It is all part of U.N, Agenda 21. Joe Stalin used similar methods to starve to death million in the Ukraine.

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