NH Couple Busted – 2016 Voter Fraud – Voted in MA & NH

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New Hampshire couple charged with double voting in 2016 election

Grace and John Fleming are accused of casting absentee ballots in New Hampshire for the 2016 general election while also voting in Belchertown, Mass…

They face up to 14 years in prison if convicted of violating laws against voting in multiple states and voting more than once for any office.


This is an interesting article – the New Hampshire I know is primarily right leaning. The state is home to a lot of Libertarians. Bordering NH is the very liberal state of Massachusetts and liberal Vermont (VT used to be a red state too).

Is Voter Fraud Real?
Real or not, New Hampshire is at the center of it all
Nov 2017

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This year, New Hampshire found itself first-in-the nation for the voter fraud debate. With the national glare of a President Trump commission on the matter and NH Secretary of State Bill Gardner under fire for his participation, nowhere else in the country is the topic so hot as it is here — though, if people are really serious, they might want to at least look under the hood of other states.

For 100 years, New Hampshire was a solid Republican state. Then in the 1990s, Democrats began winning, and the state is now one of the most closely watched in election years. In the 2016 presidential election, only one state had a closer margin of victory.

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As Democrats started to win, Republicans began to suspect that something was amiss…

The fuzziness of what “domicile” means has created problems. Until recently, it has been theoretically possible for out-of-state residents to be domiciled here for one day as long as they certify that at the moment of voting they intend to stick around, but the Legislature seeks to institute a rule that newly domiciled individuals must have lived in the state for 30 days prior to casting a vote. The courts are currently sorting that out…

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