No, Florida Hospitals Are Not Being Overrun With COVID Patients, Despite MSM Headlines

The delta variant wave of COVID-19 ravaged under-vaccinated American communities, particularly in the south, leading to frequent media reports of overwhelmed hospitals and fully-occupied ICUs.

The question of just how overwhelmed hospitals are varies from location to location. Media reports highlighted anecdotal cases of individuals being denied care due to a lack of beds, or high stress on healthcare workers facing an influx of patients, but such incidents were not equally distributed across every state.

Florida was particularly frequently criticized during the delta wave. The state saw daily case numbers surge 33% higher than its previous peak during the height of the delta wave in August, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) data.

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Stories were written about overflowing hospitals in the state, and CDC data shows that hospitalizations more than doubled in August in the sunshine state from its previous peak.


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