NY governor Hochul EXTENDS her MANDATORY MASK POLICY until FEB 4, says 80% of the ICU are Unvaccinated

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You will definitely be labeled as a unvaccinated person if you didn’t get a boostershot.

Gov. Kathy Hochul announced Friday that the statewide mandate – which requires masks or proof of Covid-19 vaccination in public spaces – will be extended to Feb. 1.

Under the rule, which was set to expire on Jan. 15, businesses must choose whether to require people to wear masks or show proof of vaccination, Hochul said.

The mandate extension comes as the state continues to see daily reported case numbers and hospitalizations rise as Omicron sweeps through the state.

“It is almost not worth it to say we are breaking records, we are breaking records every day,” Hochul said.

Hospitalizations are seeing a significant spike, particularly for unvaccinated people. Around 80% of hospitalized people are unvaccinated, Hochul said.


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