Obama/Hillary Probe Of Plane Sale To Kenya Cheating Veteran Company With Lowest Bid In Favor Of Company Linked To Clinton.

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This is a sad story to report, as there is another Obama/Clinton criminal probe involving the cheating of an American owned company, IOMAX, and the recent sudden death of the CEO.  In Obama’s last day in office he sold Kenya planes made by a company called L3 Technologies.  However, the company owned by CEO and honored Veteran, Ron Howard, IOMAX, who has supplied the Government with planes without over charging, was cheated out of the sale while having the lowest bid.  IOMAX is a hometown company in North Carolina which has served our government for many years now.  CEO and founder Ron Howard served his Country in Vietnam and went on to start the company to serve the United States Defense Department.
The following is a little bit about Howard and his distinguished life:
Ron Howard, founder of a Mooresville company that builds surveillance and reconnaissance precision-strike aircraft, died Monday while on a business trip to Washington, D.C.  In a statement Friday morning, U.S. Rep. Ted Budd, who represents Mooresville, said:
“Ron served in our military for 31 years, seeing ground combat during Vietnam.  After he entered private life, he founded a company with his son, IOMAX USA, which would later employ more than 200 people in Mooresville, North Carolina.  Through his own grit and determination, he lived the American Dream.  He was an inspiration to me and he will be missed.”
Before Howard’s untimely death, he has this to say about the sale of L3 planes to Kenya:
In January, the State Department approved the potential sale to Kenya of up to 14 of the aircraft, but the sale has been controversial, with the late Ron Howard, CEO of Iomax, arguing that Kenya unfairly overlooked its counterinsurgency-fighting Archangel aircraft based on the Thrush 710P crop duster. In an interview not long before his untimely death, Howard suggested that Kenya was being sold an uncertified and still-developmental platform.
Following the sale of planes to Kenya by Obama in his last day in office comes a probe launched by Representative Budd and some other government lawmakers.  Not only was Obama involved in this sale, Hillary Clinton secretly took cash from the New York based weapon manufacturer, L3 Technologies, who secured the $418 million deal on the last day of the Obama Administration.  This deal was not announced until Trump took office, and he was furious.
A world exclusive Radar investigation – radaronline.com/videos/hillary-clinton-scandal-arms-deal-barack-obama/ –  uncovered troubling links between Clinton and L3 Technologies.  Other high-ranking Democrats such as John Kerry, the late Ted Kennedy and his son Patrick were also implicated in the probe.   According to Federal Election Commission records exclusively obtained by Radar, L3 Technologies’ political action committee directly donated to Clinton as far back as 2005.
Further, L3’s PAC contributed funds to other PACs that then funneled money to Clinton.  For instance, on April 23, 2007, and again on Feb. 21, 2008, L3’s PAC donated $1000 to BEST PAC, which then gave $2300 to Clinton for President on Feb. 14, 2008, while she battled Barack Obama for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination.  Years later, L3 Technologies was contracted to provide 12 warplanes, two trainer planes and “services” for missions to be waged against the al-Qaeda-linked terrorist group Al-Shabaab.
This sale was approved by the State Department, headed by then Secretary of State John Kerry and privately advised to Congress on January 19.  The deal was made despite that another arms company – one founded by a US Army veteran, now deceased Ron Howard – had submitted a bid for $180 million less than half of what L3 charged.
Unfortunately it gets worse.  L3 had allegedly never before produced the types of planes involved in the deal.  However, IOMAX USA, Inc. out of Mooresville, NC have made those very planes for years. Their skill and dedication in supplying these planes was unsurpassed and unblemished.
This deal has sparked fury among both Democrats and Republicans on Capitol Hill, and they are calling for a Congressional investigation.
“My office has received credible allegations of faulty contracting practices, fraud, and unfair treatment surrounding this sale,” said North Carolina congressman Ted Budd, a Republican.
In July 2004 and October 2010, L3 donated $17,000 to the Kennedys and Kerry, according to FEC records.  Wall Stree expert, Charles Ortel, told Radar about another tie between L3 and the Clintons.  The $13 billion a year defense giant was formed in 1997, Ortel said.  One of Bill Clinton’s pals, Bernard Schwartz, reportedly helped put L3 together.  It was Schwartz’s right hand man, Frank Lanza, who presided over L3’s initial public stock offering.
Ortel said, “My fraud tentacles went up when I saw L3’s links to the Clintons.”    Critics are enraged L3 landed the deal due to two major scandals associated with the company.

  1. In 2012, the US Senate Armed Services Committee discovered L3 used counterfeit parts from China in components installed in military transport planes deployed in Afghanistan.  L3 reportedly detected the problem in 2010.  However, L3 did not alert the Air Force until 2011.
  2. In 2015, L3 paid $25,6 million to settle a civil fraud lawsuit by Manhattan US Attorney Preet Bharara, who said officials had known since 2006 that weapons it manufactured for use in Iraq and Afghanistan malfunctioned in extreme temperature ranges.
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Bharara made the following statement:  “L3 engaged in fraudulent double dealing by selling defective products to the men and women who risk their lives to protect our country.  With their own sights focused exclusively on corporate profits, the defendants let our soldiers fight with defective sights on their weapons.”
This is breaking my heart, as IOMAX CEO Ron Howard must have been fighting for the rights of his company when he died.  This is a picture of Howard’s award winning plane, the Archangel:  archive.is/jbkpP
IOMAX builds the Archangel, pictured here, by converting crop dusters into weaponized planes with high-tech surveillance equipment.
Added Ortel, “That Barack Obama, a Nobel Laureate would cap his tenure as president by throwing out such a morsel as the Kenya deal to L3, given its record, falls somewhere along a continuum from sloppy to contemptible.”
Further, there are new developments in this story, which are hopeful.  NC Congressman, Ted Budd, is calling for a probe into this deal made by Obama with L3 Technologies on his last day in office.  However, it was not announced until President Trump’s inauguration.  Budd is asking that the Government Accountability Office investigate the deal.  He wants to know why the veteran owned small company in NC, which has always specialized in making these planes, was not even considered.
The shocking fact is IOMAX offered to build Kenya the weaponized planes for $281 million.  This is far cheaper than what L3 offered.  Budd said, “Something smells wrong here.”  He made this comment to Fox News.  He went on to say, “The US Air Force bypassed IOMAX, which has 50 of these planes already in service in the Middle East.”
Further, “They were given a raw deal,” Budd said of Kenya, which had requested from the US 12 weaponized planes in its fight against terrorist group Al-Shabaad.  We want to treat our allies like Kenya fairly, and we want to know why IOMAX was not considered.” archive.is/jbkpP
I have further dug up an article which seems to be linked to L3 Technologies.  It is both shocking and sad.
A letter was sent to Rep. Duncan Hunter R-CA50 who is cosponsoring a resolution to disapprove a $418 million sale of planes to Kenya by Obama.
The author of the letter, Pauline Boyle, lost her husband, who was employed by L-3 as a law enforcement contractor in Afghanistan, in June 2012.  The U.S. military has never explained to her how her husband died and has for years denied possessing any documentation relating to his death.
Last month, however, after first stating that documents responsive to Mrs. Boyle’s latest FOIA request relating to her husband are “classified,” the U.S. Air Force unexpectedly reopened the request.
Because the military and L-3 have obscured the cause of Mr. Boyle’s death, Mrs. Boyle has been denied insurance benefits from policies he purchased prior to his last deployment.  While two insurers issued respective payouts based on “accidental death” and “accidental homicide” as the cause of death, the remaining five have denied benefits for various and inconsistent reasons.
Mrs. Boyle said that L-3 benefited from “janitor” policies purchased internally on her husband but denied her the content of his full administrative file.
She has provided all of the documentation amassed over nearly five years to the FBI.
God bless Mrs. Boyle and HER DECEASED HUSBAND.  God bless IOMAX FOUNDER RON HOWARD.  I pray they find solace in God, and I pray justice will be served in this matter.  It does not surprise me that Obama and Clinton are involved in a deal with a company, who has betrayed our own military on the battlefield.
A group of lawmakers is planning to request a congressional investigation of a $418 million U.S. weapons sale to Kenya approved by the Obama administration on its last day in office.
The sale, approved by the State Department and privately notified to Congress on January 19, would allow Kenya to buy 14 weaponized crop-duster-like planes — including two trainer planes and services, for missions against terrorist group al-Shabaab.
The deal was publicly announced the Monday after Trump’s inauguration.
A handful of lawmakers, led by Rep. Ted Budd (R-NC), are questioning why the contract to produce the planes was awarded to major defense firm L3 Technologies — which has never produced such a plane — while a smaller, disabled veteran-owned company in North Carolina that already make those planes at a lower cost was not considered.
The Mooresville, N.C. company, IOMAX USA Inc., costed out 14 planes at $237 million dollars, according to a Budd aide.

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