OBEY OR ELSE: French government wants all adults aged 24-59 to be forcibly vaccinated for covid

by: Ethan Huff

(Natural News) An alleged “fourth wave” of the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “covid variant” is the government’s latest excuse to try to force people to get injected with DNA-modifying “vaccines.”

The French government says it wants all adults aged 24 to 59 to get injected as soon as possible to “flatten the curve” and “stop the spread” of the Chinese Virus, inverted pyramid (delta variant) edition.

Prime Minister Jean Castex is pushing hard for Fauci Flu shots to become mandatory for all young- and middle-aged adults, even though the injections provide no protection against either infection or spread of Chinese Germs.

“The body published a report from its Common Mission of Information on Thursday, advocating for mandatory vaccinations of young to middle-aged adults on the grounds it could significantly lower hospitalization rates and deaths,” RT reported, adding that the report wants health authorities to “act now to limit impact.”

Very few people in France have voluntarily gotten the Trump Jab so far, so government officials are scheming new ways to try to bully the “hesitant” into rolling up their sleeves at “warp speed.”

Less than 25 percent of French people between the ages of 30 and 49 have gotten injected thus far, while roughly half of those between the ages of 50 and 64 have received the jab.

These numbers are far lower than what the government wants, so more action is being taken to try to scare, coerce and essentially threaten the populace into compliance – for their “safety,” of course.

French government to share identities of unvaccinated people with doctors

One idea the French government is considering involves sharing the identities of people who have not been vaccinated with doctors, who would then be tasked with pressuring those individuals into “staying safe” against the delta variant.

Even though Chinese Virus injections have been found to be actively spreading the so-called delta variant, the French government says the jabs may also be necessary to travel in the very near future – no more “negative” Wuhan Flu tests allowed.

This means that if a French person refuses to get injected, he or she will be confined at home indefinitely until compliance occurs.

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Back in December, French politicians proposed new legislation that would have banned all unvaccinated people from using basic services like public transport. The proposal would have included a requirement that citizens show proof of a “negative” coronavirus test or “preventative treatment, including the administration of a vaccine” in order to “access transport to some locations, as well as certain activities.”

Thankfully, that legislation was dropped following fierce protests from French citizens. However, it is now being resurrected with the much worse prospect of people being forced to get injected in order to buy, sell and travel, which will probably not go over so well with the populace, either.

“Forced vaccination is a violation of an international law known as the Nuremberg Code,” wrote one commenter at Summit.news. “The first point of that code is this: ‘The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.’”

Another likened this push for forced vaccination to the Josef Mengele experiments that took place in Nazi concentration camps back during World War II.

“They already have concentration camps established for the incarceration of people who dared to think they could travel internationally,” another commenter wrote about the “forced quarantine” measures in place in countries like Canada.

“Unless you’re a millionaire or billionaire, you must remain 14 days behind barbed-wire fences with a single hour each day for exercise, all properly socially distanced, of course!”

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