On the Ukrainian Neo-Nazis Thing

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by Chris Black

The Ukraine is the second most Jewish government in the world after Israel according to this article in American state run media.

The Azov Battalion are only “Nazis” in the way a prison gang like Aryan Brotherhood is. Or how ISIS is Islamist.

Calling a George Soros run government with a Jewish dictator “Nazi” is the ultimate example of hamfisted Pravda that made Soviet media the laughing stock of the world.

Take 100 or 1000 of the most evil globalist Jews on the planet and they are 100% on Ukraine’s side.

For all of you who don’t understand “Jewish neo-Nazis” – here’s a CNN host (guess his ethnicity) mourning with the neo-Nazi commander of Mariupol.

Who is this guy, you asked?

It’s not really that complicated – it is just the exact same thing as ISIS, which was an Islamic terrorist group totally created by Mossad/Israel.

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This seems self-explanatory. Azov is basically Pravy Sektor reloaded, and they used a bunch of morons with Nazi flags to slaughter Russians – just like they used a bunch of morons with Islamic flags to slaughter Syrians.

Maybe it’s not intuitive, but it isn’t complex.

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