Over 900 Sealed Indictments for Pa.’s Political Criminals – False Flags for Chaos?

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by Thinker

The mass shooting in the suburbs of Pittsburgh at a Jewish temple, has many questioning the validity of it even being an actual event. With multiple stories in the mainstream media that are all telling a different version of the shooting. Some say it was before special service, and others saying it was after, and then some saying there were babies there.

What is not being seen in any of the photos, is BLOOD, BODIES, OR BULLETS!!!

Was this an attack on the website “Gab” that is seeing many walk away from “Twitter” to join???

There were supposed to be “11” (Illuminati Number) dead people, and four officers shot, so why isn’t there anyone who has a face or actions that reflect a horrific event has just occurred??? How is it that there aren’t any faces with shock, emotion, or even fear??? It was said that the police arrested the criminal in 20 minutes after arriving. How is it that the only photos of stretchers from medical vehicles don’t have anything on them???

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Department of Homeland Security visit to the temple before they incident??? How long does it take for word to spread of a shooting??? How many really felt sorrow, without even knowing the truth. Creating a vibration of sorrow, fear, and anger…who’s winning??? For those who hide without pride inside, your actions are being revealed showing your on the wrong side. Who would betray their own brother or sister??? Who is not really what they say they are???

Sealed Indictments being served in PA? US Marshall shot dead serving warrant in Harrisburg, PA

Possible false flag upcoming PA..Operation Northwoods???

704 pounds and 400 blasting caps went missing???

Pennsylvania corruption runs deep

Well folks, its time to look at who you choose to elect, and it isn’t the party, but the content of the character and the history that validates it. For far to long evil has ruled and the good has been cast to the shadows. The times are changing under the newest president of the United States Donald Trump, and transparency is shining through exposing more and more corruption from the very top of government and commercial institutions. The more the “Swamp” gets drained, the more false flags of distraction will be seen. Where will the next wave of corruption come from???

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How many names connected to the shooting at the temple will be read in the seal indictments??? Will there be more false flag shootings in Pennsylvania, the state that is #2 on the list with the most sealed indictments???

Pennsylvania corruption…scrambling for cover under false flags???


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