Questions of voter fraud after man finds 83 ballots shipped to a single address in his apartment complex

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  • Jerry Mosna found 83 mail-in ballots shipped to his apartment complex in San Pedro, California this weekend
  • All 83 ballots were sent to the same address where a single 89-year-old woman lives 
  • The Los Angeles County  Registrar’s Office is investigating the incident
  • It ‘appears to be an isolated situation related to a system error that caused causing duplicate ballots to be issued to’ a single voter’s address


Fears of voter fraud only increased this week, after a California man found a stack of 83 mail-in ballots shipped to a single neighbor’s apartment. 

Jerry Mosna of San Pedro found the two stacks of ballots on top of his mailbox on Saturday. All of the 83 ballots were unused and addressed to different people, all supposedly living in an apartment he knows to be occupied by a single, 89-year-old, neighbor.  

‘I think this is spooky,’ Mosna told Fox News. ‘All the different names, none we recognize, all at one address.’


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