Resistance is Not Futile only 37.5% of Americans are Vaccinated

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by Martin Armstrong

This is a protest in London against the BBC and fake news. I am warning journalists that they better get on the right side. History warns when this all turns ugly, they will be dragging the journalists out for conspiring against the people with the governments, Bill Gates, and Schwab’s WEF. So far, only 37.5% of Americans took the vaccine. If you listen to the press, you would think only a tiny minority is refusing.

Last weekend, there was also a massive protest in the streets of Toronto. These governments are clearly acting against the people because their social promises and infrastructure is collapsing. They have been borrowing endlessly since World War II with ZERO intention of ever paying off the debt. If we did that in the private sector, we would get 20 years in prison for bank fraud.

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