Reuters Director of Data Science Fired After Reporting Accurate Statistics on Police Shootings and Race

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Reuters director of data science was recently fired for reporting accurately on police shootings and race in America.

Zac Kriegman was fired for reporting on facts and not the frantic flawed opinions of today’s media.

For this sin, he was let go from Reuters.

Via Zac Kriegman.

Until recently, I was a director of data science at Thomson Reuters, one of the biggest news organizations in the world. It was my job, among other things, to sift through reams of numbers and figure out what they meant.

About a year ago, I stumbled on a really big story. It was about black Americans being gunned down across the country and the ways in which we report on that violence. We had been talking nonstop about race and police brutality, and I thought: This is a story that could save lives. This is a story that has to be told.

But when I shared the story with my coworkers, my boss chastised me, telling me expressing this opinion could limit my ability to take on leadership roles within the company. Then I was maligned by my colleagues. And then I was fired.

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This is the story Reuters didn’t want to tell.

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