Rise in Short-Term Treasury Rates May Come in ‘Direct Conflict’ with Easy Fed Policy



Treasury Yields Surge Past 1.6%, Sounding Alarm for Risk Assets

Yields on U.S. government debt blew past another set of closely watched levels, with a key part of the Treasury curve surging past an inflection point that’s seen as potentially squelching global speculative euphoria .Yields took off with startling speed, with the rate on 10-year Treasuries reaching 1.61%, the highest in a year…

Government Borrowing Jumps by Most on Record in Covid Pandemic

The jump is almost double that recorded in the 2008 financial crisis, and borrowing is expected to increase further still in 2021, albeit at a slower pace, to reach $19.1 trillion.Record low interest rates following swift and massive interventions from central banks have reduced the cost of the additional debt.

Rise in Short-Term Treasury Rates May Come in ‘Direct Conflict’ with Easy Fed Policy, Warns Broker D

Rapidly evolving action in the U.S. government debt market now suggests that traders are taking on the central bank on its own turf — shorter-term Treasury…

The Dollar Remains Under Pressure even as Bond Yields Rise

Overview: After several attempts, the euro has pushed above $1.22, and the Australian dollar has surpassed $0.8000 as the greenback remains under broad pressure against the major currencies


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