Robt. David Steele: Servers have been captured, POTUS will take the House, 100 resignations, Brennan Going Down

* “Yes, the servers were captured by the military and not by Intelligence trying to cover its ass.”

* POTUS will take the House when California results are flipped back to proper alignment.

* Steele expects over 100 resignations from Congress.

* The best thing public can do is watch and follow Sidney Powell.

* John Brennan is pooping his pants because he knows they have it all, including conversations with Haspel & British intelligence. “His ass is gone.”

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* Wall Street’s naked short selling, pedophilia, election fraud, etc…..

A lot packed into 8 minutes.

“This is an incredible day for America.”

* SOF captures servers in Germany.

* Internet outages were a message from Trump.


h/t Avenger1