ROGER SIMON: Why Hunter Biden Really Does Matter … Big Time.

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via theepochtimes:

Okay, just more gossip about a, shall we say, “prodigal son,” maybe one who has ambivalent feelings about his father and is “acting out.” What does that have to do with the father?

A lot.

Besides telling us that the man who would be president is/was an atrocious parent, if the product of his parenting is even ten percent nurture on the nature versus nurture scale, the father is heavily enmeshed with the son in countries that wish to harm us.

This doesn’t just seemingly explain Joe Biden’s brain dead comment about Communist China—“China is going to eat our lunch. Come on, man. They’re not bad folks, folks”—it bespeaks a kind of clueless greed and primitive lust for power in his personality so strong it overwhelms the ability to see the most odious behaviors imaginable.

It’s no surprise Joe Biden has had little or nothing to say about the extraordinary depredations (concentration camps, torture, organ transplants and so on) of the CCP regarding Uyghurs, Falun Gong, or virtually anyone who questions their totalitarian regime.

Nor has he offered any significant condemnation, not that I have seen anyway, of the People’s Republic’s illegal takeover of Hong Kong.

Against all this, his son, as many have now watched on video, allowed himself to be in the most compromising positions in China. What’s interesting about one of these videos—not going to link it here, but it’s easy to find—is that it appears to have been taken by a hidden, fixed camera, of an unknown origin.

This is made clear by Hunter himself when, illuminated by what appears to be a crack pipe, he takes out a cellphone and begins to make his own video of his activities with the young lady. Why would he need two such videos? …

I have been in China, the Soviet Union (twice), Russian Republic (twice) and Cuba. In every one of those occasions, except my most recent very short visit to St. Petersburg, and even then I’m not certain, I was constantly in the company of interpreters or guides who were obviously intelligence agents. Or if not exactly in their company, not far from them. They knew where I was.

This is true of everyone who visits those countries. It’s the way they are. Surely Hunter Biden knew this, but, from his actions, didn’t much care or thought he was under some kind of protection. No one could touch him.

The mystery of the source of that possible protection is what fascinated me when thinking about the revelations of Mr. Bobulinski, about the identity of the “Big Guy” in the email almost all of us have now seen.

So Ted [Cruz], no matter whether this moves a vote or not, if you care about the USA, Hunter really matters—to all of our futures.

The DNC-MSM sure are acting like it matters: Media Titans Subvert Reality About Biden/Ukraine Profiteering.



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