Rudy Shushes Fox News Host: ‘Could You Just Listen for One Second?!’

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Trump personal attorney Rudy Giuliani spent the bulk of a multi-segment interview with Fox News’ MediaBuzz host Howard Kurtz on Sunday screaming at the host for not giving him enough opportunity to peddle more conspiracies about former Vice President Joe Biden, resulting in the former New York City mayor shushing Kurtz at one point.

After Kurtz mildly pushed back on Giuliani’s defense of the president, noting that criticism of the whistleblower’s claims regarding Trump’s Ukraine call is moot since we have a transcript, Giuliani put his fingers to his lips and demanded Kurtz be quiet.

“Could you just listen for one second?!” Giuliani shouted. “Wait, before you interrupt me, Howard. I know you want to defend it so bad. It’s pathetic. It’s pathetic. Just listen to me for one second!”

“Lots of personal attacks today,” Kurtz tweeted after the show. “Gave Rudy half the show to make his points but I have to jump in to ask Qs and mention people’s denials of charges. That’s the job. I don’t take sides, just try to conduct a fair interview even when things get heated.”


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