Russia records highest daily new cases… Japan’s health ministry warns of ‘6th wave’…

Russia is reporting its largest daily number of new coronavirus infections, more than 70 percent up on the number a month ago as the country faces a sustained rise in cases.

The national coronavirus task force on Sunday said 34,303 new infections were recorded in the previous day, compared with the 20,174 reported Sept. 19.

The death toll of 999 was barely lower than the record 1,002 deaths reported on Saturday.

The Japanese health ministry has sent a notice to prefectural governments requesting that they review their medical systems in preparation for a sixth wave of coronavirus infections in the winter, when a viral spread is feared.

The main pillars of measures to cope with another case surge are securing medical workers and beds for COVID-19 patients — including at temporary medical facilities — on the premise that Japan could be hit with around the same level of infections seen during the fifth wave this summer, when medical care systems came under severe strain. Through these measures, officials hope to provide a seamless response to patients.

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In response to the notice sent out on Oct. 1, prefectural governments will prepare systems by the end of November.

Israel is once again close to reaching herd immunity against the coronavirus, Head of Public Health Services Dr. Sharon Alroy-Preis said at the Jerusalem Post Conference on Tuesday.

“When we looked at the third wave, we left it behind although a third of our population – mostly children – were not vaccinated,” she recalled. “At the time we did not know it, but in retrospect, our numbers were down because there were enough vaccinated people to get to herd immunity. This protected the children.”

After the Delta variant became dominant, the situation changed.


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