Sidney Powell says that Republican Governor Kemp of Georgia was paid to use Dominion voting machines

So yeah she’s accusing a republican governors of being bought and paid for. They say they have evidence. Nine was given. This came after the vote was certified in georgia after a hand recount.

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“What’s Coming in Georgia Will Be Shocking!” – Trump Attorney Jordan Sekulow Promises BIG NEWS in Georgia on Monday or Tuesday
Sekulow told Newsmax host Tom Basile:

“We have got lawsuits likely to be filed in Georgia on either Monday or Tuesday; I can’t get into the details. I can’t tell you right now, but what’s coming in Georgia will be shocking, when we file this in federal court Monday or Tuesday It’s nothing that we have talked before. It’s not what you heard in the press conference [Thursday] either. This is something completely separate… I will tell you, the Lt. Gov. [Geoff Duncan] in Georgia, the Secretary of State in Georgia [Brad Raffensperger] in Georgia, they’re in for quite a shock on Monday and Tuesday about how poorly they run and they ran – there’s going to be a proof – of how poorly run they ran the elections in one of their major counties”

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