So It Begins: UK Rolls Out Covid Passport for Enjoying Sporting and Music Events

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By Chris Black

Here’s from FT:

Pilot schemes for “coronavirus-free” mass events, which will include the trial of contentious “Covid passports”, will be held in the UK within weeks under plans being drawn up by ministers. 

Some of the most high-profile sporting occasions, including the FA Cup semi-finals and final as well as the League Cup final in football and the World Snooker Championship are expected to take part, along with the music industry’s Brit Awards, according to the plans, first reported in the Daily Telegraph. 

Attendees will have coronavirus tests before and after each event, under the proposals. Government sources also said that ministers were hoping at least some of the gatherings would trial the first use of digital Covid certificates that would provide proof someone has either had the vaccine, a recent clear test or has antibodies for the virus.

 Even as planning to allow at least limited mass gatherings continued, prime minister Boris Johnson on Friday urged people not to socialise indoors with other households over the Easter weekend, even if everyone is vaccinated. 

The first trials of the so-called Covid passports are expected to take place this month with a full rollout of the certificates by the start of the summer, according to people familiar with the plans.

Don’t be naïve and believe this will be an UK only deal. The UK is just the latest testing ground for the satanic new world order, mark my words.

What’s next?? Six point yellow stars for the “unvaxxed”… ringing their little bells and saying “unclean” when they’re in proximity to other people?? 

How much more will you take?

By the way, the covid passports are not a foregone conclusion.  Masses of people refusing them can stop the madness.  

A passport to enter a pub or have a job? Are you kidding me?

  How long will that last if the pubs and workplaces have no customers or employees?  Stadiums with no people?  This will only last if the public agrees to it.  

Unfortunately, based on the acceptance of mask/social distancing/lockdown policies it appears the public will go along with it. 

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There are 189 recorded Covid deaths per 100,000 of the population in the UK.

That equates to 0.0189%. Let`s be kind to them, let`s call it 0.020%.

That means that for every 100 people infected a fifth of a person dies. That`s one in five hundred.

Now we all know, even those who speak the baa baa language deep down know that Covid has been put down as the primary cause of death on any and every death certificate possible. People who were rushed to hospital because of heart attacks were tested with the wildly inaccurate PCR, which is almost guaranteed to give a positive result for a viral presence, and ANY viral presence is all that is required to proclaim infected with Covid; and seeing as it`s a medical truth that the average human has in the region of 140,000 different virus`s in his/her system at any one time, it`s guaranteed that if the doctors want to find a viral presence, they WILL.

And we`re not only talking heart disease either, cancer, pneumonia, traffic accidents, even gunshot and knife wounds, it`s all the same to the pro Covid crew.

So we can confidently say that the REAL Covid death toll is much lower than 1 in every 500, even much lower than 1 in every 1,000.

So why are we being subjected to the state sponsored project fear hysteria, designed to terrify us into being jabbed against a disease that is 99.9% recoverable from?

And why are we being subjected to draconian Orwellian restrictions on our civil liberties and freedoms?

The official figures also suggest that it`s nigh on impossible to contract Covid in open fresh air spaces, the only real danger is in enclosed spaces like buildings where people congregate.

But it is in exactly the places that hold no dangers that the UK Government intends to “test” vaccine passports.

The manufacturers of the “vaccines” themselves don`t claim that their vaccine will protect you from catching the virus, or prevent you from passing it on if you`re infected, all that they promise is that it MAY relieve the symptoms, a task that has been accomplished for centuries by a drink of hot lemon and honey, and with none of the possible side effects of the jab. 

So what`s the point of being jabbed???, and more pertinently, why should we be forced to carry a digital yellow star of David everywhere we go?.

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Yet our glorious leaders and scientists, many of whom have huge shareholdings in Big Pharma, continually tell us that the vaccines are 100% safe and effective.

NONE of it makes any sense, NONE of it has ever made any sense, from day 1.

Just so you know, COVID passports were in the plan 2 years before the COVID pandemic in Europe.


Because it`s all lessons in obedience training that`s why, roll over and take it, good little peasant, we`ll let you out of house arrest on day release, object and dissent, BAD little peasant, you will have to be re-educated, or, to put it simply, trauma based mind control for the goyim.

Obedience training, you WILL accept the NWO, or else!!

What you are being coerced to do is give up your integrity.  You are being forced to go along with what you know to be a lie.  You are being forced to agree with what you know is wrong.  You are being turned into a whore.

That is why this is so satanic.  Serving a lie…..unrighteousness……evil…… in this temporary life so you can have the comforts, conveniences, and “normality” of everyone else……..rather than standing for truth, righteousness,  and good because you will be punished, persecuted, or “miss out”…….is the great battle of humanity.



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