People standing up, and standing together. Don’t leave comments about these people being cops. This is exactly the kind of action everyone should be taking at this point – standing up to the control freaks who don’t give a shit about the Constitution.…

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READ  Texas AG Ken Paxton lays it down in simple terms to the Plano Police Chief that acquiesced to BLM in Texas.


          • …no, dippy…it has been over fifty years of watching my corrupt-cop-law-enforcement family run interference for the corrupt local-government officials they are there to well as a 24 year career with US DoD…in which I was a Federally Protected Whistle Blower for over two decades. I spent most of those years….from Korea to Japan, Bosnia to Hungary… The US to all over Europe….finding the constant refrain of government corruption. Since I beat The Federal Government at their own game, recording their threats and corrupt plans, I was able to protect myself against unconstitutional-acting leadership. I also learned a great deal about corrupt leadership when I received a personal tour of Air Force One…while it appears the best you can come up with is a picture of a tax-evading, race baiter. Once I witnessed the photo attached to your message, I knew in an instant that you are both an idiot…and a traitor…who should be dragged out of their home or office, charged an convicted for treason…and hanged in the streets.
            RJ O’Guillory

          • …no it isn’t…try reading up on the history of policing…and then if you can, quit making such an uninformed ass of yourself and get back with me….idiot….
            RJ O’Guillory

          • Is it possible for you to debate a topic w/o the name calling?
            Ancient Rome had policing, so did ancient Greece and ancient Europe. Ever hear of the “Sheriff of Nottingham”?
            Wherever/whenever there is evil, the people will put police to counter that evil.

          • ….there is something “defective” in everyone, as no one is considered” perfect”. However, your observation is really based in your own imperfections, as you cannot see the truth right before your eyes. You are misinformed, uninformed or purposefully biased…and simply disagree with my point of view…or the manner in which I deliver my thoughts. Tough. Other than taking the time to respond to your idiocy…I couldn’t care less. I have not identified or suggested anything out of the ordinary, as we are now fully aware of a black-pit of the corruption known as our Federal Government and The Deep State. Many more citizens are aware of their behaviors as it relates to political and criminal corruption. We have known for decades about the lies they tell to hide their criminality, yet you think I have a flawed personality? We arrest, charge, convict and execute people in this country all the time, so I’m unsure if you think that is part of my imperfection? If so, then you should go talk to those who support the death penalty…(which, most often I do not)…which in the case of convicted treason, I think is just fine. You are a simple coward, willing to cede your freedoms and liberty for some illusion of safety. In 30 years of policing in England, I think the police have killed about a dozen people. In the US, the militarized police kill over a thousand people per year. I have lived around police and government corruption for my entire life, so you have no concept of what I know, have experienced or the corruption of which I am aware. The “Police” act in an unconstitutional manner all across this country, 24/7…all year long. So don’t tell me about how we need them, or how glorious their profession is, as I’ve seen a lifetime of their corruption. It is your type…with your cognitive dissonance…your inability to recognize and admit to the world you live in…that makes you the flawed personality. I know what freedom and liberty are supposed to mean, and I know that for the entirety of my 57 years on the planet, those charged with leading and guiding us in an ethical manner are nothing but liars, thieves, murders and sociopaths. The fact that I refuse accept their abuses means that I have ethics, standards and integrity. You obviously do not.
            RJ O’Guillory

          • I did not read all of that. Few people would.
            I read enough to grasp that you think I disagree with your viewpoint.
            I do not…or I would have said so, you long-winded, thin-skinned, argumentative dummy.

          • …no…it is because you are an intellectually bankrupt ass…who picked a fight with someone who is able to identify your lack of common sense and rip your poorly-thought-out logic apart as though you are an infant. It is obvious that you are unable to string together more than two sentences, or to create a coherent thought. It is no shock that you lack comprehension skills as well. GFY.
            RJ O’Guillory

          • ….so…”law enforcement”…has been around since “the beginning of time”? Hmmm… according to this article “policing ” is only a few thousand years old…and has always been about protecting the elite, their property, lives and privileges. So just like today…corrupt. However, since our planet is 4.5 billion years old…I think you are off a bit on your time claim….ha…ha…ha…ha…
            RJ O’Guillory

          • you are just a bedwetter when there are to many cops there is no freedom when there are to many cops with tanks grenade launchers and machine guns there is tyranny. we have to separate this country so all you thumb suckers can call the cops on each other hopefully they shoot you

          • cops kill someone every 8 hours criminals do not. 50 times more likely to be killed by a cop then a manufactured terrorist

          • cops kill 3 people a day google it and google chances of getting killed by a cop or an arab . your whole line of thinking is bullshit. what I say can be proved

          • most unarmed . continue to hide in moms basement wetting your pants hoping cops “protect” you by getting there after you are dead. may the farce be with you

          • and being a yellow coward you have a phobia about criminals. tell me how many times were you attacked by criminals and a cop saved you

          • everybody who is yellow is scared of criminals. tell me how many times you were attacked by criminals and saved by cops. the answer is none cause you fell for the communist police union propaganda. man up. does it justify the trillions spent “protecting” cowards like your self

          • I love liberty not criminals. you still have not told me how many times you were attacked by criminals and saved by a cop and is it worth the trillions we spend so a fairy like you can feel “safe”

          • you are retarded I prefer liberty over police state. you will not answer this….how many times were you attacked by imaginary criminals and save d by a cop

          • You’re just a common, garden variety, anarchist.
            Someone without vision.
            Without law enforcement, this country would descend into another dark age.

          • when first police force in the country was formed in NYC after the civil war they were not allowed to carry guns being they would be seen as an occupying army. look at what they got now. there was LESS crime when there were hardly any cops during the depression. you still have told me how many times you were attacked by criminals and saved by a cop. and is it worth the trillion we have spent in the last ten years. I was in Montana just outside of Helena saw 1000’s of people 100’s of cars and not one cop for 10 days while I was there. that was paradise not going by a radar trap every 10 miles

          • I did respond with facts, you stupid mouth-running idiot. Are you disputing my contention that to and too are entirely different concepts, as are then and than?
            What facts do you need as****e? How can any adult dispute the proper usage of extremely common words?
            You’re black stupid. Was your daddy a dumb colored?

          • you are full of s h it English teacher you did not present ONE fact. I aint a n egro you stupid prick. go coddle up to your hero cops like the 4 that stayed outside the latest school shooting

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