Speaking Out Against The Darkness – Even When It Seems Hopeless.

by Ruby Henley
I have done a series of articles speaking out against those, who are the destroyers of humanity.  They are the ones who continually attack President Donald Trump, who is the legitimate President of the United States.  They are the haters, who think they own the world, and they will never have to pay for their crimes against humanity.
They see most of us as undeserving of life and voice.  They seek to silence and rid themselves of our presence.  Further, they are working at this moment to depopulate this Earth of what they perceive as “useless eaters.”  Yes, that phrase has been thrown around quite often, but it best describes how “they” view “us.”
I sometimes start to pull back from writing, as I have actually been stalked.  If you doubt that, look at the Clinton Body Count, look at how the Left continually breaks the law, but look at who Special Counsel Robert Mueller is investigating.
That investigation was based upon an absolutely false document, which the FBI offered to pay for.  That same FBI works for the people, but they are protecting Hillary Clinton, who has wronged this Country and the American citizens in it.
There are people walking around every day, hiding in the shadows, while we all know they are the guilty ones.  Our Judicial System does nothing to these people, and it never will.  Just as Jesus Christ was setup, betrayed, and crucified, it is the same with many of the good people in this Country.
I just read an article that said the Deep State is not real.  It is a conspiracy theory.  Really?  How does one explain all of the above unless there is a Dark Force at work which is in control of this world?  How does one explain the reality of evil so horrific small children are preyed upon and murdered?  How do you explain that?
How do you explain an entity that thinks they have the right to suck the power from another entity and use it for themselves?  I think we call those entities “vampires,” don’t we?  Oh, no, they really do not exist do they? Actually they live among us, and they devour the light around them.  
They are the pedophiles, who seek out innocent children.  They have art in their homes of children with their hands tied behind their backs, and sculptures of victims of serial killers like Jeffrey Dahmer.  They hide in the shadows, and they are protected by society.
How is this?  This is a reality, because a dark power lives and breathes within the bowels of this world.  It is alive and well at this time, and its name is Beast/Satan/Lucifer.  The Deep State is made up of its followers, and they have made their choice to follow Lucifer.
I know most of you know Lucifer was the most beautiful angel God created, but he wanted to overpower his Creator.  He was not satisfied to walk beside God; he wanted to be God.  He fell from grace, and it is he who reigns upon this earth at this time in the history of humanity.  
If we do not understand what we are fighting against each day we rise, we will never evolve and claim our mission upon this earth.  The fight against the Dark Powers is tiring, all consuming, and ongoing.  It has to be done by those of us who understand what the mission really is.  
For those of you who may laugh, go ahead, for you have no idea what the mission is.  I want to ask you one question.  Will you live forever, or will you finally succumb to death?  What will await you at the moment of death?
Now, I want to thank a hero, who knows what the mission is.  That hero is Julian Assange.  I just noticed a tweet Wikileaks made in response to Hillary Clinton’s former advisor, Neera Tanden.   
Those of us, who know what the mission is know that Donald Trump won the presidential election honestly and fairly against Hillary Clinton.  However, the Dark Powers continue the hoax of Trump/Russia collusion.  The American taxpayer is paying to fund that hoax, and the President of the United States must try to do his job while he is continually degraded and accused.
Tanden must continue to push the lie for Hillary Clinton, and she did so on January 1, 2018 on Twitter.

“One good thing about 2017 is we learned in detail of the collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. The question before us now is criminal conspiracy.”
And she also tweeted this:

“Would Trump have won without Russia’s help?  Wikileaks was THE negative drumbeat of the last month against Hillary.  We don’t really know but seems legit answer to say no.”
I am so sick of the lies, but I know what the mission is, and this helps me to cope.  
One astonishing fact in this whole matter is the FBI still to this day hasn’t inspected the DNC’s servers to get to the truth of the real collusion at the DNC to insure Hillary Clinton’s win.  Are they being held accountable for this atrocity?  Not that I can see.
Wikileaks Task Force tweeted to Tanden:

“1. It was DNC & MSM who promoted Trump as “pied piper” GOP candidate. Own it.

  1. Russia was not @wikileaks source. Deal with it.
  2. Your giant #nothingburger is still not a logical argument. Stop it.”

This is the speaking out by the Light in the Darkness that gives us all hope.  Thank you, Wikileaks and Julian Assange.
Now I have to point out that David Brock of Media Matters has been caught in a bribery scheme against President Trump.  This is what hoaxes are made of.
Clinton Allies Paid $700,000 For Women To Accuse Trump of Sexual Misconduct Week Before Election
Written by: Pamela Geller
Published on: January 2, 2018
“A couple of Clinton family loyalists shelled out at least $700,000 to an attorney specialized in sexual harassment claims — so that she could ultimately pay women who were willing to accuse Donald Trump of sexual harassment.
This comes from the New York Times.
David Brock, one of the Democratic Party’s biggest defenders, helped pay for the campaign.
The Daily Wire reports more:
Two close Clinton allies dumped at least $700,000 to prominent sexual harassment lawyer Lisa Bloom to fund women willing to accuse then-candidate Donald Trump of sexual misconduct the week before the presidential election, reports The New York Times.
David Brock — a Democratic operative and the founder of left-wing Media Matters, described by the Times as “Hillary Clinton’s fiercest loyalists during her campaign against Mr. Trump” — partly funded the effort with $200,000. The other major donor uncovered in the report is longtime Hillary friend and fashion entrepreneur Susie Tompkins Buell, who paid a whopping $500,000 to fund potential accusers procured by Ms. Bloom.
Bloom “seized on the political potency of sexual harassment charges against Mr. Trump not long after he clinched the Republican presidential nomination,” reports the Times. The attorney admits to reaching out to Clinton super PACs “for money to help her vet a sexual misconduct claim against Mr. Trump.”
I hope you will read the rest of the article at the above website.  David Brock has devoted his life to destroying those he feels should have no voice.  He runs in the same circles as John Podesta and Hillary Clinton, and he worships at their feet.  He is a sad man, who has nothing better to do but target Conservatives.  I could say more, but I think I have said enough.
However, it must be pointed out while Brock has attempted to destroy Fox News and many conservative websites, his dirty deeds are hidden in the darkness.
This one has escaped into the light, but will he ever be held accountable?  No, I doubt he will, but at least we know the truth is out to the public.  That is something of a comfort.