Stay Pureblood!

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by Chris Black

Anti-miscarriage drugs that were given to women 80 years ago now having serious side effects on their daughters and granddaughters. Cancer, infertility and early menopause being the most serious.

This is something that you likely won’t see much of at all in the media and it’ll be buried soon. The companies that made this drug have never been held accountable. No compensation or help.

You need to remember that the choices you make with your body can affect your descendants after you. God knows what will be revealed in the future about the on-going medical experimentation we see today. All you can do is hold firm and research extensively before taking anything.

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I’d say look more into natural cures too instead of pharmaceuticals.

These scandals are popping up more and more. A trend we’re likely to see continue.

Remember that these drugs were all “safe and effective”… until they weren’t.

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