Supreme Court Dismisses Trump’s Last Election Fraud Case

By Chris Black

The Supreme Court just reaffirmed, just in case you weren’t aware, that your vote does not matter.

The US Supreme Court on Monday tossed President Trump’s last election appeals challenging the 2020 election process. Basically, the SCOTUS refused to consider any evidence presented by Trump’s lawyers and dismissed all the last 3 cases on technical grounds. 

The so-called conservative Supreme Court is the highest court in the land and yet they dismissed Real President Trump without comment:


It was the last of three petitions filed at the Supreme Court near the end of Trump’s presidency that the justices declined to take up. The court on Feb. 22 turned away Trump’s other two appeals – a second Wisconsin challenge and one relating to voting in Pennsylvania, another pivotal state Trump lost. Lower courts previously had ruled against Trump in those three cases.

It already was clear that the high court, which includes three justices appointed by Trump, had no intention to intervene in the cases and others filed by his allies because it did not act before Congress on Jan. 6 certified Biden’s victory. That formal certification was interrupted when a pro-Trump mob stormed the U.S. Capitol. 

The SCOTUS should have at least heard the case and allow for presentation and discovery of evidence to occur.

You cannot have the highest court in the land tell half of the US population to pound sand and expect they will continue to believe in the illusion of justice. 

Any single allegation of voter fraud would be verified, if the US were not a Marxist banana republic. 

Finding the truth is simple general police procedure.

Police would simply interrogate all people present in a voting location, in places where there are 1-3 affidavits of voter fraud, starting with the people who gave the affidavits (whose life is ruined now by the way).

If the cases were dismissed on technical grounds like standing, and they still wish to preserve the illusion that we live in a nation of laws, then I’d sure like an explanation for how a damaged party could in-fact raise a grievance that would be processed judicially.

Otherwise, let’s formally recognize that voting is an extrajudicial process and cheating will not be investigated and when found accidentally, will not be punished. 

 The American people did this to themselves by allowing election fraud to continue unchecked for decades going all the way back to Kennedy and Nixon. The country is now dictated to by a cadre of self-serving psychopaths behind a wall guarded by tens of thousands of armed soldiers. 

There’s no coming back from something like that.

Americans have to stop playing by the rules. There are no longer any rules in this country.

Obviously it is time to dismantle the Supreme Court as it has shown its uselessness by not willing to even listen to a single election fraud case. The constitution has died on their watch and all of these justices need to be removed!

The separation of powers has always been a myth. Name one significant issue the Supreme Court of any country has challenged the powers that be. The few challenges have been of unimportant issues or to push the agenda of TPTB even further.

Trump (the White version of Obama) was “selected” to prevent a revolution in America, fanning the flames of false hopes and turning patriots into armchair liberals.

Seeing the psyop culminating on January 6th made me realize that Liberty is not gained by surfing the web and eating popcorn.


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