Eric Ciaramella Attorney, January 2017: “Coup Has Started” – July 2017: “We Will Remove Him”… Sundance points out that the current impeachment process is part of a coup continuum, and everything around the whistleblower is part of a long-ago planned and pre-constructed operation.

by sundance A few people have started looking at the connections behind Mark Zaid, the attorney for CIA “whistleblower” Eric Ciaramella.  What is starting to emerge is evidence of what CTH outlined … Read more

The Whitehouse “Whistleblower” is 33-year-old Eric Ciaramella: Ciaramella is a registered Democrat, worked for Obama and CIA director John Brennan, worked with Biden, and helped initiate the Russia “collusion” hoax.

by axolotl_peyotl The hypocrisy of the Mockingbird MSM and their brainwashed acolytes has hit a fever pitch with the latest “whistleblower” fiasco. Incredibly, most of these propaganda artists have conveniently … Read more

“Whistleblower” Suspected to be Trump Hating Eric Ciaramella

We have our #Whistleblower, Eric Ciaramella. — FOOL NELSON (@FOOL_NELSON) October 10, 2019   h/t White_Hat