OROVILLE DAM Got No Obama Stimulus Funds for Repair in 2009 – A National Tragedy And A Political Failure – State Of California Hangs In The Balance – Town Hall Meeting Scheduled.

by Pamela Williams Although the Oroville Dam supplies drinking water to the entire State of California, no politician seemed to care…especially Obama. Almost 200,000 residents north of Sacramento were ordered … Read more

Unbelievable Tragedy And Earth Changing Event – LIVE COVERAGE Of ORVILLE DAM EMERGENCY SPILLWAY – CHATROOM AND UP-TO-DATE Information.

by Pamela Williams www.youtube.com/watch?v=FX83qSatoOo Evacuations of Orville advised by Water Staff due to finding of a hole eroding land back toward the spillway. Compromise the spillway, substantial release of water down … Read more