FITTON: In Unusual Saturday Ruling, Court Orders DOJ to Provide More Info on Search for Obama DOJ/Podesta/Clinton Campaign Collusion Docs Uncovered by Wikileaks.

by TFittonJW Here is the opinion: Peter Kadzik, the top Obama DOJ official, who sent John Podesta a “heads up” on the Clinton email cases… Judicial Watch follow-on FOIA lawsuit … Read more

FITTON: HUGE Judicial Watch Update: New Strzok FBI Docs on Clinton Email Scandal/Cover-Up, JW Fed Court Battle Update, President Trump Pardon Power, and IG Report Developments!

by TFittonJW Here is latest Judicial Watch update: Some background:

FITTON:MONSTER: FBI Produces New Tarmac Meeting Docs–Strzok Admits Clinton Decision Made in April 2016, Comey Security Goal: Protect him from Embarrassment

by TFittonJW Judicial Watch uncovers more smoking guns. Here it is: Prior discussion of tarmac cover-up:

FITTON: A SIMPLE PLAN: President Trump should shut Mueller special counsel down, begin pardons, bring on a real special counsel to investigate Spygate, etc. and order full transparency.

by TFittonJW Crisis solved in a little over 2 minutes: In the meantime, JW carrying much of the weight on oversight: