JUDICIAL WATCH's FITTON: Our Weiner laptop find shows need for a criminal investigation of Abedin/Clinton classified info mishandling! I think we may be at a tipping point.

From Hannity last night: From Fox and Friends First early this am: And my one minute push: insider.foxnews.com/2018/01/03/tom-fitton-calls-criminal-investigation-huma-abedin-emails Let me get this straight: FBI + DOJ meet secretly with Deepstate … Read more

The real story is senior officials in US Intelligence Community using assets and systems to actively collect AGAINST and undermine a presidential campaign and (now) a sitting president!

twitter.com/cea_simon/status/832188147488452610 Intelligence officials have reportedly kept sensitive information from President Donald Trump out of concerns that The White House may be compromised by Russia and the information could fall into … Read more