Thousands of Migrants Pour Across The Alps Headed for France and Germany… Teachers Seek Help to Cope with Rising Islamic Extremism in the Classroom

Thousands of migrants are attempting to traverse the Alps to get out of Italy to their preferred destinations of Germany and other Northern European countries. Volunteers working with migrants in the … Read more

Trump Backs The Blue Meanwhile CNN Normalizes Antifa Leftists ‘Seek Peace Through Violence’ Breaking!! Trump Backs The Blue!!!… CNN Normalizes Antifa: Leftists ‘Seek Peace Through Violence’………………… Boston Police Chief: Leftist Protesters Hurled BOTTLE … Read more

Attorneys In DNC Fraud Lawsuit Seek Court’s Protection, Cite Seth Rich – Seth Rich Parent’s Rumored To Have Laptop – Brad Bauman Taped Phone Interview.

by Pamela Williams The below is a very interesting update on Seth Rich’s murder.  First we have the attorneys in the DNC fraud lawsuit to seek court’s protection, citing Seth Rich … Read more