Tick Tock BOOM! Obama was e-mailing Hillary, and the FBI tried to cover it up! "FBI Shadow Figure [Bill Priestap] Surfaces To Protect President Obama Amid Released FBI Text Messages…"

by sundance CTH has been pointing out this shadowy figure for almost a year.  Today, his appearance in Text Messages, explains why… W.H. “Bill” Priestap is the FBI Head of Counterintelligence.  Priestap was one of … Read more

Tick. Tock: Price Discovery Has Been Virtually Eliminated From Global Equity Markets, Most Of The Gain Concentrated In 5 Stocks.

twitter.com/NorthmanTrader/status/923582220895440897 twitter.com/NorthmanTrader/status/923996073370243072 twitter.com/NorthmanTrader/status/923959168196849664 twitter.com/NorthmanTrader/status/923921375961772032 twitter.com/NorthmanTrader/status/923553734873018368 twitter.com/NorthmanTrader/status/923601490484387841 twitter.com/NorthmanTrader/status/923953080663707649 twitter.com/NorthmanTrader/status/923600057118666752 Home ownership has declined in Canada and in many parts of the world. Someone purchased a huge amount gold future contracts which … Read more