Telehealth company is already prescribing the hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin drug combination for COVID-19 patients nationwide

A telehealth company in San Diego is already prescribing the drug combination for COVID-19 patients nationwide. If you think you may have the virus and meet certain criteria, they will set up a local COVID-19 test for you If it comes back positive, they will prescribe the drugs.

Their website is


San Diego telehealth company prescribes combination drug therapy for COVID-19 patients

Through its website,, patients anywhere in the U.S. can schedule a telehealth appointment with a doctor in its nationwide network.

“We have very strict criteria for when we do prescribe,” Rao said. “We’re only prescribing it for patients that have a known positive test.”

Rao said the vast majority of people who call in with cold and flu symptoms, have a cold or the flu.

If a DocTalkGo physician determines a patient’s symptoms are consistent with coronavirus, the doctor will give the patient a prescription to get tested for COVID-19 at a local site near his or her home.

The patient can later upload the results if the test is positive, and the doctor will determine if the patient meets the criteria for the experimental therapy.

“There is a cluster of side effects with this and some contraindications for both of these drugs, so all of our physicians are trained to prescribe the medication. We’re not prescribing it for patients with cardiac disease, for example,” Rao explained.

Tucker: Why are media pundits trying to discredit hydroxychloroquine?

According to Tucker a large number of doctors are ordering hydroxychloroquine for themselves and their families and that is creating shortages of the drug. This apparently is one of the reasons the NV Governor made it’s use as a coronavirus treatment illegal outside of a hospital setting.

What do these doctors know that the rest of us don’t? Are they all just Trumptards who believe everything Trump says? Is it possible that Trump knows about other as yet unpublished studies that show the drug in combination with Z-packs antibiotics is very effective? Trump may have just set up the media for the 100th time, knowing exactly how they would respond. And that they would ultimately have egg on their face once again.

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