Texas Senate Commitee for State Affairs- videos of Public hearings regarding vaccines mandates- must see!

Senator Bob Hall’s proposal for senate bill SB1669 : ”
Relating to prohibited discrimination regarding vaccination status and mandates for receiving or participating in the administration of vaccines; authorizing administrative penalties” .
Here are the links for the recorded sessions. As a non American, I am so surprised to see that there is such a way for the voice of the people to be heard so loudly! You have so much power compared to the Europeans and probably so many other countries, you have no idea!You still have politicians that care, as the above mentioned senator, all is not lost!

To summarise, as this is a few hours of testimonies:

– doctors testify and present evidence for existing Covid 19 treatments that are 90% effective even on severe cases. This fact alone makes the vaccinations unnecessary.
– numerous testimonies presenting the incredibly huge number of deaths and adverse vaccine reactions, as reported by the VAERS.
– one doctor mentioned animal trials being stoped due to death of animals involved
– one testimony on natural covid immunity being more effective and lasting over 12 months and possibly a life time as with previous infectious diseases. It also addresses vaccine adverse reactions 50 percent higher in people that allready had covid
– numerous testimonies from people and their families affected by the vaccines.

Over 250 people made themselves heard in the Texas Senate. Brave senator and brave people! I have to be honest, my hope has been restored, if only just a little bit!

Links below, directly from the Senate website.Listed under Senate Committe for State affairs, 06/05/21,part I and II.

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Part 1

Part 2




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