The 2024 Republican Primary is Going to Be Awful

by Chris Black

Expect to see shitbags like Greg Abbott, Nikki Haley, Kristi Noam, Tom Cotton and Mike Pompeo clawing at one another to prove who loves Israel the most.

I hold the controversial opinion that I don’t think Trump is going to run again. I think that the Department of Justice will threaten him with well-timed criminal charges or lawsuits as a way to bog him down.

The conservative movement will also be working full time in 2023 to marginalize him and convince his mostly depoliticized (at this point) fans that he is “bad optics” or a liability standing in the way of owning the libs.

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He is definitely making everyone think he is going to run again, but knowing Trump, this could very well be just a scam to get people to send money to his PACs for him to pocket it, as happened when he was saying he needed money to battle election fraud.

So for now, Ron DeSantis looks like a shoe-in in 2024 and the Republican (and much of the liberal and Jewish) establishment wants it that way. But a lot could change between now and then, and I still would not discount another Trump run 100%.

However, just look at Ron DeSantis when he gives a press conference mimicking Trump’s hand gestures and attitude…



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