The betrayal of Donald Trump (and American democracy) with the fraud election of 2020 will have far-reaching, long-lasting consequences.

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by Raptors2021

The Uniparty criminals want to go back in time, effectively, but that is never possible. They want to return to the halcyon days of the Obama Presidency, when their political formula was a constant good cop/bad cop hustle. Kamala is the closest they could find to Barack, after Moochelle turned them down. The voters’ antipathy to Kamala is her feature, not her bug. The Republican establishment expect her sh*t personality to make the GOP voters move on from their fury over Trump getting stabbed in the back. No, boys, no.

The slaughter in the trenches of World War One made nationalism an obscene concept. That trope still plagues western intellectuals, a hundred years later. Trump’s nationalism made the conservative intellectual class instantly reject him, and the Never-Trumpers were born. China, and most other countries, still place their own country’s well-being first. In other words, they’re nationalists. This places America at an on-going disadvantage. Sooner or later, another nationalist Presidential aspirant will arise in America, and thrive. Cheating Donald Trump won’t change that hard truth.

The second watershed moment in American history (after the civil war) was the great depression, and the transformation in American attitudes to government’s role that it caused. The depression made FDR, and most of the leadership class, fear a literal revolution. The welfare state was born, and we’re now a government with a country, not the other way around. Bureaucratic functionaries like Fauci and Vindman regard themselves as the true rulers of America. It will be impossible for any strong political leader like Trump to arise, if he intends to challenge the bureaucracy: their intolerance of disobedience or deviance will grow ever stronger.

Fox News also expects to just go back in time – already they’re seeing that won’t happen. Their elitist ambition was to bring down Trump by joining in the great election fraud of 2020. They employed a pollster whose methods were already demonstrated as faulty, at best. Their leading reporters like Wallace eagerly displayed anti-Trump bias. Their reporting of the results on election night was intended to affect the outcome. Now? As Fox employee Mark Steyn says, permanence is the illusion of every age. Fox is waiting for their prodigal viewers to return. No, boys, no.

And the biggest question mark of all, the suckers known as Republican voters. Will they turn out for the Georgia special Senate election? I predict no, and I predict an ongoing evaporation in their numbers. But the first Republican President said you can fool some of the people all the time (he sure knew Republican voters, all right).




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