The coming Covid Passport; Social Credit with a slicker name!

Sharing is Caring!…p-testing/…e-and-more

The ambitious Operation Moonshot programme aims to carry out up to 10 million Covid-19 tests a day by early next year as part of a £100bn expansion of the testing programme, according to the BMJ.

Under the plans, digital immunity passports will be used to allow people who have tested negative for the virus to return to work, to travel and to take part in other activities.

Speaking after a government announcement that gatherings in England are to be restricted to six people as of 14 September, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he wanted to eventually use testing to identify those who have tested negative to allow them to return to normal.

Digital immunity passports are a digital document detailing a person’s test results proving they are not considered a risk in spreading the virus, for example someone who has tested positive for Covid-19 antibodies and have therefore had the virus and are not thought to be likely to contract is again.

Its Just two weeks, they said.

WEAR.YOUR.MASK they screamed.

next it will be GET YOUR PASS.

And now, if you want to have a job or fly again, you just have to get your little Covid passport. But it WILL go deeper than that. You wont be able to get loans, start a business, You will be cut off from the grid, alone in the wildnerness until you get your vaccination. All this sounds oddly familiar doesn’t it?


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