The coming financial collapse of PENSION programs across America

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* Pension programs across America are under-funded by $3.4 trillion.
* The strategy for pension programs is to cook the books and then, when they can no longer cover up the financial facts, claim to be “too big to fail” and demand a bailout.
* Pensions all across America are going into default. How many pension plans can the federal government bail out?
* Most of these pensions provide monthly retirement incomes to former government workers.
* The government repeatedly LIES to you about all economic numbers and debt numbers.
* Government is in the business of making promises they can’t keep! This includes pension promises.
* If you are relying on a government pension for your retirement, you may need to rethink how reliable that is.
* Consider ways to increase your income or lower your cost of living.
* How much is your pension worth if the dollar collapses?
* You need some REAL assets as a backup.
* What’s real? Gold, silver, land, ammo…
* Can you cash out your pension and invest it in something that’s REAL?
* It is a mathematical fact that most people who are owed pension money will never receive it.
* Only a few will be able to ever collect what they are owed: An underfunded pension is a Ponzi scheme.
* All Ponzi schemes collapse. It is a mathematical certainty.
* Count on the system failing now, and you may avoid being victimized by it.
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11 thoughts on “The coming financial collapse of PENSION programs across America

  1. if you’re 45 or under and think you have a “pension” or “social security” waiting for you… you’re already dead.

    • You have no clue! SS is paid by all of the legally employed people and you can’t avoid it, it is deducted from your pay check. Pension is a promise usually for public employees. SS is so sound that it even can pay out for the 65 million disabled persons in the US – and that includes a large number of unemployed people who are not disabled but can’t find a job. America’s low unemployment figure is a joke.

      • I live in canada. Not the usa. Here we have a government forced “CPP” Canadian pension plan. You are forced to pay into all your life, and if you’re lucky you will get “some” back in 30 years from now minus all the wonderful inflation. In reality… our government is already “tapping” our pension plans for “funding” therefore once the “boomers” hit retirement age the shortfall will be astronomical even before the gov starts stealing it 😉

  2. Good! All pensions are Ponzi schemes whether they are underfunded or not. I hope all pensions default, especially government pensions. Pensions are just another type of welfare that enslaves subsequent generations. Money for nothing seems to be everyone’s goal these days. Crash and burn please.

    • Social Security’s NOT welfare; but, rather, it’s money that’s been EARNED by workers for as long as 40-50 years. It’s also a program benefiting widows/orphans, as well as disabled people. Social Security was the best program FDR had ever done for the elderly; thus, enabling them to live out their lives in dignity.
      I’m no fan of FDR; however, the Social Security program he had devised and set up was for the then current and future retirees to live out their lives in security and dignity.

      • many junkies drunks and wastes are collecting disability in the form of SSI part of social security they put nothing in it

      • I said “pensions”. But Social Security is absolutely a Ponzi scheme that enslaves your children and grandchildren so you can retire on their backs. It definitely pays out to people who have not paid in and many who have paid in get back way more than that so it IS a form of WELFARE. It definitely encourages people to be careless with their money and rely on government. It is not the governments job to make sure people live in dignity. Money has nothing to do with dignity.
        FDR was a socialist piece of scum.

      • A know a few people who thought they could retire, because they owned stocks. So their stocks failed, but they found a Doctor and they applied for disability and get a check from SS every month, a system the once laughed at and a system they never have paid in a dime.

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