The Deep State Wields Power Over The People By Rule Of Chaos – Self-Evident Facts On Special Counsel Robert Mueller – AG Sessions Must Master This Chaotic Deception – IWB Investigation.

by Ruby Henley
There are so many conflicting reports surrounding the Russia Collusion Investigation, Fake Trump Dossier, DNC Corruption, and most importantly these issues bleed into the Uranium One Scandal.  I have done a few reports as of late, and honestly I am beginning to realize all of these issues have one thing in common:  Special Counsel Robert Mueller.  He is ether investigating or involved in all of the above.
In my opinion Robert Mueller should have never been appointed as Special Counsel.  This is the legal defining reason to fire a special counsel: QUOTE
Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appointed Robert S. Mueller “to serve as a Special Counsel for the United States Department of Justice.” The order specified that “Section 600.4 through 600.10 of Title 28 of the Code of Federal Regulations are applicable to the Special Counsel.” Perhaps the most important provision is § 600.7. Promulgated shortly after the Independent Counsel statute expired in July 1999, this regulation imposes an important constraint on the executive branch: “The Attorney General may remove a Special Counsel for misconduct, dereliction of duty, incapacity, conflict of interest, or for other good cause, including violation of Departmental policies.”
This regulation attempts to impose meaningful restrictions on the removal of special counsels. Former acting Solicitor General Neal Katyal, who was involved in drafting Part 600 nearly two decades ago, explains that there are only two paths by which Mueller could be fired. First, President Trump “would have to direct Rosenstein to fire Mueller” for some form of misconduct that rises to the level of “good cause.” Second, Katyal notes, “Trump could order the special-counsel regulations repealed and then fire Mueller himself.” END OF QUOTE
Lets now look at the major scandals which took place when Special Counsel Robert Mueller was the Director of the FBI:

  1. Clinton Foundation Pay-for-Play (2009-2013):  during the period in which Hillary Clinton held the office of Secretary of State, the Clinton Foundation and Bill Clinton received millions of dollars in paid speaking fees and a million dollar “gift” from countries involved in matters with the State Department, many of which had ties to terrorism and human rights abuses; some of these funds were apparently diverted from charitable causes to personal expenses, such as Chelsea Clinton’s 2010 wedding.
  2. Russian Uranium Deal (2009-2013):  Hillary Clinton’s State Department approved a deal allowing a Russian company to control 20% of the uranium mining production capacity inside the United States, which was followed by millions of dollars in donations to the Clinton Foundation from people associated with the transaction.  Further, we have proof of the direct involvement of Robert Mueller.
  3. Clinton Private Email Server (2009-2013):  during her entire tenure as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton dodged Freedom of Information Act requirements by using a private email server to conduct official government business, as well as sent and received classified information that was Top Secret over an unsecured system — an “extremely reckless” (and obviously illegal) act.
  4. We also know that then FBI Director Robert Mueller and future and fired FBI Director James Comey are very close friends.  James Comey seems to have disappeared as of late, and the blatant reason for this is very simple.  He does not want to bring the public’s attention back to the fact Robert Mueller has a “conflict of interest” in the fact that Comey dismissed Clinton from guilt in his email investigation, but even before he had even finished the investigation, he had signed an agreement to do so.
  5. The last reason I would like to list as a grave error Mueller made is when he had Manafort investigated, as he as special counsel had a responsibility not to abuse his power.  The below has been called Mueller’s “scorched earth policy.”  Under Mueller, FBI agents checked Mr. Manafort and his wife Kathleen for guns as they broke into the Alexandria condo pre-dawn by picking the lock.  An agent patted down Mrs. Manafort before she was even allowed to get out of bed.  I could say more, but the above proves Mueller clearly abused his power as special counsel in this no knock raid of the Manfort home in July.

Let’s examine Mueller’s background as FBI Director and Comey’s hiring.  Robert Mueller became FBI director just days before the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.  At that time he became the golden boy of national security.  When Obama mentioned a replacement, Congress passed a special law to allow him to stay on. Later, Senator Charles Grassley of Iowa put his foot down and said enough is enough.  Thank God for this good man!
Grassley said, “Extending a director’s term was not a fly-by-night decision,” Grassley said at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. “It also puts the president on notice to begin the process of selecting and nominating a new FBI director earlier than the last attempt.”
Comey worked closely with FBI Director Mueller and sought his help when Bush White House officials showed up at the hospital bed of then-Attorney General John Ashcroft to try to get him to overrule Comey.
Thus, we do see that Mueller clearly had a conflict of interest in the very beginning of his assignment.  He was so close to Comey that he could and most likely did refrain from investigating any incident which would hurt James Comey.  
Let’s look at the source of this entire fiasco that introduced the need for Mueller to be hired as special counsel.  When one does this, if it were not so serious, one would laugh and laugh at the dog chasing its tail.
Special Counself Robert Mueller was hired to investigate Trump’s alleged ties to Russia.  The Fake Dossier was an instigator in those alleged ties.  Let’s look over the Dossier timeline: QUOTE
Oct. 2015: It was reported late Friday that the Washington Free Beacon, a conservative website funded by GOP mega-donor Paul Singer, hired Fusion GPS to investigate Trump.
March: Fusion GPS approached Perkins Coie, the law firm for the Clinton campaign and Democratic National Committee. Perkins Coie general counsel revealed this week that Fusion offered to continue Trump opposition research it had started while working for a Republican candidate.
April: Perkins Coie, using money from the Clinton campaign and DNC, hires Fusion GPS. Marc Elias, a Perkins Coie partner and general counsel for both the campaign and DNC, would serve as the bagman.
That month, Federal Election Commission records show that the Clinton campaign paid Perkins Coie a total of $150,000 for legal services. The DNC paid the firm around $107,000. It is unclear how much of that went to Fusion GPS. Both the campaign and DNC would pay Perkins Coie hundreds of thousands more dollars throughout the campaign.
May: Free Beacon ends its contract with Fusion.
June: Fusion GPS hires former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele and his London-based firm, Orbis Business Intelligence, to investigate Trump’s ties to Russia. Steele discloses this in court filings earlier this year as part of a lawsuit he faces over the dossier. Steele said he worked for Fusion GPS from June through November.
June 20: Steele writes first memo of the dossier. It alleges that Trump used prostitutes during a visit to Moscow in 2013 and that the Kremlin was blackmailing him with the evidence. The memo also alleges that the Trump campaign was engaged in a well-orchestrated collusion campaign with Russian operatives.
July 5: Steele provides his research to an FBI contact, The New York Times has reported. The documents made their way to FBI counterintelligence chief Peter Strzock two weeks later.
July: Chatter began appearing on social media referring to damning information about Trump’s ties to Russia. Republican strategist Rick Wilson told The New York Times back in January, after the dossier was published, that he was first asked about the document by a reporter in July.
July 26: A Wall Street Journal reporter contacts Carter Page, a Trump campaign adviser, about allegations made about him in the dossier. Page disclosed that detail last month in a lawsuit he filed against the parent company of Yahoo! News, which republished claims from the dossier last September.
Late July: The FBI opens a counterintelligence investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian government.
Sept. 23: Yahoo News publishes an article that, it is now known, relied heavily on the dossier’s claims about Page. The article, from veteran journalist Michael Isikoff, contains allegations that Page met secretly with Russian government officials that July in Moscow. Page has denied the allegation and is suing Yahoo! over the article.
October: Steele met with FBI agents who offered to pay the former spy to continue his investigation of Trump.
Mid-October: Steele, again acting on directions from Fusion, met with reporters from The New York Times, The Washington Post, and Yahoo! News.
Oct. 31: Earlier in October, Steele conducted an interview on Skype with Mother Jones reporter David Corn. Corn published a piece referring to Steele as a “Western intelligence official” who had compiled information on Trump’s ties to Russia.
Aug. 25: Then-CIA Director John Brennan briefs then-Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid about possible links between Trump associates and Russian operatives. According to The New York Times, officials in the meeting said that Brennan “indicated that unnamed advisers to Mr. Trump might be working with the Russians to interfere in the election.”
September: The FBI obtained a surveillance warrant from a judge on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court on Carter Page. The application for the warrant reportedly cited the dossier as evidence.
Late September: In court filings in London, where he is being sued, Steele says that he briefed reporters at several news outlets following instructions from Fusion GPS. Steele briefed The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, The New Yorker and Yahoo! News.
November: The contract between the Democrats, Fusion and Steele ends along with the presidential campaign.
Nov. 18: Arizona Sen. John McCain and a former assistant, David Kramer, are told about the existence of the dossier by an associate of Steele’s, former British diplomat Sir Andrew Wood. Kramer travels to London later that month to meet with Steele and find out more about the dossier. Steele forwards a copy of the dossier to Fusion, Kramer and McCain.
Dec. 9: McCain provides a copy of the dossier to then-FBI Director James Comey during a meeting at the latter’s office.
Dec. 13: Steele writes the final memo of the dossier. It alleges that a Russian tech executive used his companies to hack into the DNC’s email systems. The executive, Aleksej Gubarev, denied the allegations after the dossier was published by BuzzFeed on Jan. 10, 2017. He is suing both BuzzFeed and Steele.
Jan. 6: Comey and other intelligence community officials brief then-President-elect Trump on some of the allegations made in the dossier.
Jan. 10: CNN reports that the briefing of Trump took place four days earlier. Citing that reporting as justification, BuzzFeed publishes the dossier.
March 15: Former CIA Deputy Director Michael Morrel, a supporter of Clinton’s, casts doubt on the dossier and Steele’s sourcing.
Morrel said that the revelation that Steele paid intermediaries to obtain information that wound up in the dossier “kind of worries me a little bit.”
“If you’re paying somebody, particularly former FSB officers, they are going to tell you truth and innuendo and rumor, and they’re going to call you up and say, ‘Hey, let’s have another meeting, I have more information for you,’ because they want to get paid some more,” said Morell.
Aug. 22: Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson meets with the Senate Judiciary Committee for 10 hours but refuses to disclose the identity of his clients.
Sept. 18: Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta told the Senate Intelligence Committee that he was unaware of who paid for the dossier. It would later be reported that Podesta was sitting next to the man who actually did pay for the document, his attorney, Marc Elias. Elias apparently did not speak up during the interview to take responsibility for the dossier
Oct. 4: The House Intelligence Committee issues subpoenas to Fusion’s three co-founders as well as to its bank, TD Bank. One goal of the subpoenas was to find out Fusion’s clients’ identities.
Oct. 18: Two Fusion partners, Peter Fritsch and Thomas Catan, plead the Fifth during House Intelligence Committee interviews.
Oct. 20: Fusion GPS files a request for an injunction attempting to block the release of its bank records.
Oct. 24: Perkins Coie, the law firm for the Clinton campaign and DNC, reveals itself as Fusion’s dossier client. The Washington Post reports Elias’ involvement. END OF QUOTE
You have just read the sorted and despicable reason a Special Counsel in the form of Robert Mueller was ever appointed in the first place!  You read that the FBI…THE FBI UNDER THE LEADERSHIP OF JAMES COMEY offered to pay the former spy to continue his investigation of Trump.  Please realize the FBI UNDER JAMES COMEY INVOLVED ITSELF IN A CONSPIRACY OF POLITICAL GAIN FOR THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY – OF COURSE ONE HAS TO REALIZE THE FBI WAS WILLING TO BREAK THE LAW TO GET HILLARY CLINTON ELECTED AS PRESIDENT!
Please understand that this proves in a self-evident nature that first of all, Robert Mueller has a conflict of interest as a past FBI Director and as a friend of James Comey.  Clearly James Comey and the FBI stepped out of their role as the nation’s top law enforcement keeper in the Judicial Branch of the United States, in a politically motivated way, to help the Democratic party in their collusion with a British spy to ruin the reputation of Donald Trump.  They succeeded so well, that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is being allowed to work on the basis of a completely criminal and false claim.  He is being allowed to work on that false basis in a conflict of interest in protecting the FBI, protecting James Comey, and protecting himself in his role in the National security breach in the Uranium One Scandal.
I will be referring to two of my past reports to document my claim of Robert Mueller’s role in the Uranium One Scandal, and to document the roles of the other players in the same scandal.
Next, I would like to document several important events that have taken place on Capitol Hill that show some of our hard-working loyal elected officials are trying their best to get to truth, but they are clearly being ignored.  If this is so, where does one go next.  If one cannot get justice within the confines of the law, what does one do next?

Trey Gowdy along with 15 other republicans voted yes to require AG Jeff Sessions to appoint a 2nd special counsel to look for Hillary Clinton, James Comey, Loretta Lynch, and Barack Obama crimes during the 2016
I, also, want to stress an additional fact from my report that a resolution has just been introduced to remove Robert Mueller as Special Counsel –
In conclusion,  AG Jeff Sessions has not recused himself from Uranium One Scandal.  Further, the gag order has been lifted on the Uranium One witness.  It is reported he has very incriminating tapes on those involved in this national security event.

Also, here is AG Jeff Sessions answering the questions directed to him from Senator Charles Grassley. Grassley does an in depth interview with Sessions, and it is very revealing.  I am hopeful that Sessions will launch an investigation into Uranium One very soon.

I am adamant in projecting to the public that the appointment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller was ill-advised and carried out in error.  Thus, he must legally step down now.