The future is clarifying, but the Now is packing

by John War

Evidence of dystopian aims is now writ in dayglo yellow on a barrage balloon, but the mainstream media refuse to look up

Taiwan has seen its birth rate drop by 23 per cent year-on-year. (Hint: 81.8 per cent of them are fully ‘vaccinated’ against Contrick19)

In the Philippines, by contrast, only 50.4% are fully vaccinated. Their birthrate dropped 1%. (Despite the long-held cliché about Filipinos being strangers to contraception, their birthrate hasn’t grown since 1950.)

But this is the point: vaccinate half the folks, and normal trends continue; vaccinate four out of five, and the outcome is – depending on your viewpoint – catastrophic.

Now you know the reason for all the hard-sell….plus BS about “until everyone is vaccinated, nobody is safe” and “this is the pandemic of the unvaccinated”. The depopulators can’t afford much below 85% compliance with the genocidal policy of pumping people full of toxic mRNA and inexplicable (but deadly) nano-debris.

The jury is out on whether the Globalunatics will now dump the vax bollocks and seek confected emergencies elsewhere…or redouble their efforts via the invention of some mutation of “disturbing” Omicron. But here’s a parting shot: Bill Gates has a relationship with the Philippines authorities going back to 2011 – in the context of which, he has proclaimed at length that “Third World mothers only have large families because they fear disease will kill some of their children”. There is no data supporting his contention: and he must have known that the exploding birthrate among Filipinos was a myth – yet he chose to use it for his own purposes as a “way in”…that is, selling vaccines with (at the very least in some cases) a dubious reputation.

Just like global warming, the overpopulation time-bomb is another Useful Lie: I strongly commend this 2013 piece by Mark J Perry as powerful evidence for the Prosecution.

‘2022 is likely to be the worst year for FOOD SHORTAGES and famine we’ve seen in GENERATIONS!!’ screams a survivalist sales pitch in the US called My Patriot Supply. Of course, the “shortage” (itself something of an invention) isn’t going to be be helped by seemingly organised arsonists busily burning wheat mills and massacring cattle.

In fact, this additional weapon in the armoury of The Resetters – not to be confused with Red Setters, who are infinitely more intelligent – began taking shape just as Contrick19 was getting into its stride. This US article from April 2020 related how there had been nineteen unexplained meat-production closures (there’s a video to watch with a map pinpointing the shutdowns).

Now fair enough, the cry often goes up from the blind compliance tendency, “Why do you only choose conspiranoid websites?”; but when that happens, I am increasingly inclined to suggest they try Google or Bing as browsers and see how far the question “How many cases of unexplained cattle death and crop/mill destruction have there been in the US since 2020?” enables your quest for information.

The short answer is “it doesn’t”. Google will reward you with articles ending in 2016, most of which accuse ‘bioweapon enemies’ of trying to sabotage US food output. Bing has 979,400 links about nutjob serial food contaminators, but not much else. So who’s the conspirator here?

The eclectic blocist alliance only ever does two things when at work in Room 101: first, it posits an unsupportable explanation; second, it censors all the obvious explanations.

But some seeps through: Establishment thoroughbred Toby Young has recycled a Daily Sceptic piece culled from Nature Magazine reporting that ‘The risk of being hospitalised with heart inflammation is up to 44 times higher following Covid vaccination, a study in Nature has found. The study, which examined the vaccination status of all 1,612 hospital cases of myocarditis and 1,613 hospital cases of pericarditis in France between May 12th and October 31st 2021, found that the risk of being hospitalised with myocarditis was 8.1 times higher in the week following a Pfizer second dose (95% confidence interval [CI], 6.7 to 9.9) and 30 times higher following a Moderna second dose (CI, 21 to 43)’.

But we mustn’t get carried away, for you see no less an oracular source than Matt Hancock swore on his mother’s grave in the Commons that the vaccines had been “exhaustively tested and shown to be entirely safe”. Then he cried quite a lot.

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So if you can’t trust Matt Hancock, who can you trust? I suggest you ask Mrs Hancock.

My daily life at the moment consists of the following circular rota, if there is such a thing:

pack cartons — get fingers stuck together with Scotch tape — make choices as to whether something needs packing, burning or recycling — instantly need something I just recycled — visit Council tip, deal with ornery jobsworth — go to the Brico and buy more cartons plus brown paper — send five more recorded delivery letters cancelling standing orders — put 450 more magazines left by second wife into recycling — light large garden fire — cull old clothing — pack luggage for New Life — pack cartons.

I arise at 6.30 am – not so much full of beans as a bog-eyed student of things-to-do lists I made the night before – and recommence the rota. Rather like the Warren Commission’s report on JFK’s assassination, the anomalies just keep on generating longer lists rather than giving one any sense of progress.

The other constant in all this is that yet another day nearer to God passes and I haven’t done much that I like doing. This is not supposed to be the point of “retirement”, but nevertheless (on top of the previous vicious circle of guilt) I also do the following most days:

  • Organise complex travel arrangements
  • Write about Covid-to-Vaccine-Pharma-Depopulator-Climate-War-EUNATO BS that bores the ass off me, to little or no apparent effect
  • Monitor the comment threads manually because my platform provider is an incompetent whore
  • Merchandise every Slogpost manually because shadow-banning fraud is pretty universal now at WordPress, Twitter and Google.
  • In short, the simple reality is that my need to move elsewhere, deal with airline AI, write about gross calumny and tweet to 3,000 Twatter victims and cater to followers on email is entirely down to élites, whose lackeys hoover up my taxes each year, the better to fund their masters’ risibly cock-eyed vision of a future wherein trans-human slaves serve only the needs of their Power Lords….all 0.03 per cent of them.

Going to pick up yet more cartons yesterday, I fell into conversation with the Brico’s till girl. “You’re so tired,” she opined, “because everything involved in moving house requires emotional energy to ditch lifetime-acquired stuff, and the use of pulling, stretching, bending and lifting muscles you rarely use”.

I was very grateful for this kindly donated and simple wisdom. It just about managed to talk me out of a growing feeling that I am falling apart.

My higher appeal today is something of an act in three parts.

The First involves a desire to keep on building an independence from Twitter (and social media generally) by switching as many followers on foul media to a direct email relationship via Slog alerts. I do recognise that many people aren’t keen on giving out their e-addresses: but in a situation where the Truth is being strangled, I like to think this is no longer an unreasonable request.

The Second is based on advice I offer to the increasing numbers of people who excuse their absence from activism by saying “My sole focus is now on my family and their protection”. It’s understandable, but misguided: the best defence for your family is to spike the guns of those who would kill them.

The Third is to yet again reach out to ethical investment monies able to detect what a disaster this much-heralded Great Reset is going to be for 99.97 per cent of humanity. The 1in8 very badly need a serious medium that will be taken seriously by a much broader spectrum of those still content to see self-interested power-freaks as “caring” about the average citizen.

A plethora of compelling evidence is now in the public domain about just how gigantic the health/climate/energy crisis/food shortage scam really is. But that public is largely restricted to online thinkers and observers.

We need big money shouting for us. So if any of it wants to contact me, can they please do so before hyper-digitalisation of money reduces us all to the same subsistence level.

John Ward has lost 6 kilos in weight over the last six weeks, but found nineteen combs, eleven pairs of glasses, eight pairs of scissors, twenty-three disposable razor blades and eleven toothbrushes.



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