The Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Should Have Been About an Israeli Mossad Blackmail Ring, Not Teen Girls Getting Abused

by Chris Black

Maxwell has been found guilty on 5 of the 6 charges against her.

Let’s see what happens on appeal when nobody is paying attention.

… and the jewish judge ordered all records sealed.

Can this even be called chutzpah, at this point?

The federal charges Maxwell has been convicted of have mandatory minimums of 10 years — pretty much a life sentence at her age.

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Can the justice system really deliver here? See it to believe it.

If this vermin doesn’t escape through the cracks on appeal, a presidential pardon down the line will follow.

See the latest in Harvey Weinstein’s appeal:

I can already see the breathless editorials from DINOs (Dissidents In Name Only) at Unherd, the Thiel scene, etc.

“Listen, I’m not saying its ok to sex traffic orphans in order to prostitute them to elite perverts to blackmail them on behalf of Israel, but is there really that big of a difference between a girl who’s 16 and one who’s 18? I’m just saying, this isn’t scientific, just a social construct created by hysterical FemiNazis. First Woody Allen, then Harvey Weinstein, now Maxwell? Cancel culture has gone too far!”



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