The Multiple Axes Of The Firearm Issue

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by SP
This is a complex topic.  Lets get more precise in teasing out the axes of the firearm issue.

Gun Deaths ? Murders

Gun Deaths = Homicides + Suicides + Accidents  + Self defense (good) + system sized competition for power (wars and civil uprisings)

Axes of the “guns issue”

1.  citizen on citizen violence in affluent areas where people must obey laws.  (People have professional licenses, own homes and any criminal gun conviction or prison sentence would be devastating)
2.  citizen on citizen violence in settings / neighborhoods where people have nothing to lose and gun laws have little effect (Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, troubled teens)
3.  state on citizen violence at individual level, (race based enforcement, violent arrests, prevention of “hot tub and nail gun accidents” by political dissidents)
4.  state on citizen violence at group level (like snipers on roof tops in Ferguson, Occupy rallies, Kent State shootings, National (Spanish) Police beating up Catalonian separatists before the vote….)
5.  citizen on state violence (shooting of police officers, political protests transforming into civil war)
6.  children’s accidents with discovered guns
7.  self harm (suicide)
8.  citizen’s use of gun to defend self from attempted murder
9.  use of gun by a citizen to enable non-fatal crime against another citizen (rape, robbery, mugging, car jacking, abduction of a child)
10.  Use of gun by citizen to disrupt non-fatal crime by another citizen (rape, robbery, mugging, car jacking, abduction)
11.  differential weapon distribution to groups to influence political power — one faction is armed and another disarmed to tip the balance of power—

  • White/black gun laws essential to slave ownership structure in GA during slave era,  (Thom Hartmann does not emphasize that it was a capitol office for a black to posses a gun and any block found with a gun could be executed by anyone on the spot, legally.)
  • Armed “settler” Jews destroying homes and olive groves of unarmed Palestinians in Israel’s West Bank, here and here and here
  • Arming Serbs and not arming Muslims during the Yugoslavia civil war.

12.  citizen use of weapons against a state sponsored “thug class” to disrupt Naomi Wolf’s fascist transformation.  See also  Ordinary Violence in Musolini’s Italy

My own primary concern is MORE about issue #12.  When RED Meme wishes to establish a reign of terror and has its “thug class” beating political dissidents or forcing them to drink urine or castor oil, I want to be armed enough that I can say “absolutely not.”
The main concern is that Axis #1 will be used to justify the disarming of citizens that enables Axis #12 to proceed.
During a collapse, Ferfal says Axis #8 and #10 will rise to prominence.

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