The New Pelosi-Schiff “Witch Hunt” to Impeach Trump is an Abuse Of Power

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If Democrats were serious in their impulsive impeachment inquiry, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi would dump Adam Schiff as Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.

Pelosi won’t do it, of course.  She and Schiff are now dedicated collaborators who are joined at the political hip. Their goal is to destroy Trump’s presidency, remove him from office, and thereby undo the 2016 election result that they have never managed to get over.

Schiff is the antithesis of the able, fair-minded, and even-tempered House chairmen who presided over the last two presidential impeachment proceedings in 1974 and 1998.  He wears his partisan spite on his sleeve and tends to bungle attempts to hide his deviousness.

Schiff’s malice goes much deeper than the inane statement he fabricated at the opening of his recent hearing that embarrassed both himself and his committee.  His deceptions know no bounds.  He insisted that “we have not spoken directly with the whistleblower.”  The Washington Post fact-checker called this “flat-out false.”  His deceit did not stop there.

Schiff stated that if not for the Intelligence Community Inspector General, his committee might never have learned of the so-called “whistleblower.”  This was also untrue since it was Schiff and/or his staff that directed the “whistleblower” to the IG.  His mendacity earned him the shame of “Four Pinocchios” from the Post.  As former Rep. Trey Gowdy quipped, Schiff only got four “because you can’t get five.”

When I was researching my new book, Witch Hunt: The Story Of The Greatest Mass Delusion In American Political History, I was continually astonished by Schiff’s pattern of exaggerations, misleading claims, and outright lies over the course of the interminable Russia “collusion” hoax.

·        Schiff peddled the ludicrous charge that Trump campaign adviser Carter Page was bribed by the Kremlin with an $11 billion stake in the oil company Rosneft in exchange for convincing then-candidate Trump to lift sanctions against Russia should he win the election.

·        Schiff insisted that Justice Department official Bruce Ohr did not show the Steele “dossier” to the FBI until after the 2016 election when he knew that Ohr turned it over in July –the day before Comey’s FBI launched its formal investigation of Trump.

·        Schiff argued to anyone who would listen that the “dossier” was not the bulk of the evidence used to get the FISA warrants when he well knew this was untrue.

·        Schiff boldly and repeatedly told the media and Americans that he had access to a wealth of evidence that Trump had engaged in a traitorous conspiracy with the Kremlin when no such evidence existed.






FITTON: HUGE: The Senate DOES NOT Have to Hold An Impeachment Trial!

Left is upset at me for stating this simple constitutional truth:




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