The Only Reason They Are Relaxing Lock-down Requirements is Because They Would Be Unenforceable In The Summertime.

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by makmugens

I once read a book that said “never give an order that will be disobeyed” as the key to remaining in power.

With all this stuff going on about the coronavirus, it didn’t take long for me to wonder… “how are they going to enforce this in the summer time”. It’s one thing to keep people bottled up when the weather is not all that inviting. But when the weather get’s warm, then hot, and you think people are going to stay cramped up in their houses. I already predicted that people would start bucking as the weather get’s warmer. They only had two options. Try to be uphold this nonsense and deal with riots and insubordination all over the country or appear lenient and allow gatherings EVEN THOUGH that contradicts the peril of the disaster they’ve been feeding us for months.

And guess what. They lessened restrictions because they had to. Why? Because people were going to violate this rule no matter what. And when they did…and nothing happened- no mass death due to irresponsible socializing- then what are they going to say?

This is why they came out with the term “pandemic 1”. Because they know they can’t hold up the lie. They’re going to keep pushing this every year- on and off- until they get to stick you with whatever the hell’s in those vaccines and they get to place their social tracking technology as mandatory.

But people have bought into this and no doubt there’s a thousand government and corporate bots on the internet fanning the flames by promoting it and attacking differing opinions. Like when did anti-vaxxers become a thing you criticize? I was reading a reddit article on things that turn you off on a first date and a number of replies said “anyone who proposes anti-vaxx”. Like please, people, that’s not an original thought. That’s programming.




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