The press has to protect Warren They are otherwise out of candidates who could possibly defeat Trump

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THIS IS WHAT THEY DO: The Media Bend Over Backward to Protect Elizabeth Warren from the Washington Free Beacon’s Damaging Scoop. Well:


The Biden Family Bribery Business is being becoming too well known. Even NeverTrumpers – learning that Hunter received $Millions personally from an Ukrainian Oligarch’s company and Slo Joe bragging he’s had the prosecutor fired for investigating the company’s corrupting actions, using Joe’s authority as VP to threaten to withhold $1.2Billion in foreign aid (and implicating the Blessed Obama in the scheme) – are having trouble understanding why asking Ukraine to investigate this is an impeachable High Crime or Misdemeanor? The more the Impeachment Star Chamber goes on, the more dirt on Joe is dug up. Now, it seems, that the “whistleblower” has connections to Joe – which may explain the extraordinary efforts of Dems to keep his identity a secret. The press knows it cannot protect Joe.

Bernie had a heart attack. The press tried to keep Hillary’s health problems hidden in 2016, and somewhat succeeded. But, everyone understands that a heart attack is too serious a health problem, so the press knows that any attempt to ignore the issue will merely cause comparisons to what was tried in 2016.

Except for Warren, the other Dem candidates are mental midgets, idiots, crazies and/or zealots who won’t have a chance.

This leaves Warren. That she has problems telling the truth is something the press can identify with. So, they are protecting her.


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