THE PROOF: Millions forced by Law to wear masks that are completely useless.

by John Ward

Revealed: The US Center for Disease control has zero confidence in Covid face masks. Does this make them denialist fanatics? Radio 4 thinks it does.

I’m indebted to veteran Slogger Clive for drawing my attention to a slight cock-up here on the face-mask front: as this excerpt from the CDC’s view of the matter shows:

Now pay attention, because the following thing gets tricky here and there.

An N95 mask is designed for use in a contaminated environment: for argument’s sake, it’s the one to wear when dealing with a roomfull of dead Covid victims. The mask filters the air you inhale, but not your exhalation. So it’s not, repeat not, the one to wear if you are yourself infected. If you are, you should be in hospital. The N95 mask will not tell you if you’re infected – for that you need a test. But if you have had a negative test to Covid19 and you don’t want to catch it from someone else, the the N95 is the one for you. That’s why our leaders are issued with them….and we aren’t.

A surgical mask is what sawbones and theatre nurses use when they are perhaps carrying germs and don’t want to infect anyone else, for example the patient lying there with his stomach unzipped while you say things like “swab” and so forth. It filters the exhaled breath of the surgeon, but not the inhaled breath….so if Johnny Patient has tertiary bubonic plague, well, there’s another good reason not to become a surgeon. Whatever: it’s no use outside of a sterile area. In fact, it kinda leaves you wondering just whatTF they are anyway…or indeed, how surgeons get life insurance.

And so we arrive in triumph at the masks we, the Lucky Ones, get to wear, The Cloth Mask . As you can see from the lower page capure above, the CDC opens with the encouraging promise ‘DO NOT FILTER ANYTHING’. OK, these are the ones on sale to us, and a body headed by no less a personage that Beelzebub Fauci himself advises as follows:

‘Cloth masks actually risk your health rather than protect it. The moisture caught in these masks will become mildew-ridden in thirty minutes. Dry coughing, enhanced allergies, sore throat are all symptoms of a micro-mold in your mask’

I’m here to tell you that, for once, the CDC is telling the unvarnished truth, because ever since the Maskomania20 virus ripped through the population during April, I’ve had a permanently irritated cough direct from the Gobi desert….to the extent that I now have a voice roughly the same as that of a heavy-smoking toad in the later stages of emphysema.

Now here’s the ironic bit: I went into a large pharmacy yesterday morning, and quickly received some stuff which has already made a difference. The pharmacist – nice bloke, knew his onions – told me:

“The problem is widespread….just one usage of a cloth mask requires it to be immediately washed at 40 degrees……le conseil du Governement, ce n’est qu’un bordel” *

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*Government advice about this is just a mess.

However, the implications of all this are far greater. As in, what is now law about mask-wearing in shops in the UK and the EU is dismissed out of hand by the CDC in the US as utterly pointless.

Further still – and truly astonishing – is this map showing those US States (dark pink) where masks in public are now mandatory:

Throughout the West, millions of ordinary citizens are being legally forced to wear masks that (quote) ‘DO NOT FILTER ANYTHING’. Call it misinformation or disinformation, it is what it is: a gigantic scam under which we are being asked to pay for protection that doesn’t work….while the élites get their N95s free.

I was pondering this shortly after 7 am CET today as I prepared a hot beverage with Radio4 in the background. I haven’t listened to R4 for over two years, so I thought,’Why not?’. And as serendipity would have it, the second item up was ‘misinformation and disinformation on the internet’.

At no point in her discussion with a Tory from the Culture, Media & Sport Committee did the anchorette even allude to the likelihood that mis and dis an’ fake an’ dat online might be merely a more objectively evidence-based commentary than that available from the BCC and all politicised points to The Times.

She merely asked the MP to give her examples of criminal news manipulation among the indie news and blogosphere sector. What follows is an accurate summary of his response – minus only a serious of “you know” conjunctions:

“Well yes, I mean, we found tons of examples of rejection of the science involved in Covid19 from people representing anti-vaccination extremists to others deliberately understating the dangers of this virus and demonstrating against having to wear masks for Heaven’s sake”

At no time was there any debate whatsoever about when ‘disinformation’ just might be an alternative to What The Government Says. In fact, the bombastic interviewee was allowed to proceed uninterrupted to his conclusion that “we need regulation of this kind of thing, and the sooner the better”.

Not regulation of ‘Freddie Starr ate my Hamster’, ‘Elton and his rent-boys’, ‘He groomed a Nation’, ‘Weapons of mass destruction’ and suchlike….for let us be clear – the MSM is both professional and scrupulous. Is it not?

My fellow reality-hounds: censorship is coming. Be prepared.




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