The Trojan Horse Legal Case That Could Flip The US Senate Red

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Now, in this season of election fraud and government duplicity, Daugherty wants to force election integrity in the Peach State, filing a Trojan horse case that is making its way through the legal system. The cabal is so worried about his filing that it has parachuted Perkins Coie into Georgia to, once again, ‘make it all go away’.

Daugherty is also the founder of ‘The Justice Society’, an entity in Atlanta with the mandate to ‘end persecution through process’ by training Davids to defeat Goliaths. The Justice Society is taking up this challenge. ( @JusticeArsenal)

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“Daugherty vs. Raffensperger is the only existing case that can change the outcome of the 2020 national elections by challenging as invalid the GA U.S. Senate races,” says Daugherty’s legal team.

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The case alleges the runoff election for the GA U.S. Senate seats, which was certified in February of this year, was illegally executed on many levels and so does not accurately reflect the will of GA voters. The lawsuit calls for a new election based on paper ballots as provided in Georgia law.


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