The Truth About Trump’s Speech at CPAC

By Chris Black

The Donald is back, baby!

Real President Trump on Sunday held his first speech since being run out of office by usurper Biden. Basically, Trump gave a motivational speech at CPAC, and claimed that he’s going to run (and win) in 2024, while proclaiming that he’s effectively in full control over the GOP. 

You know the drill with Trump’s speeches, if you’ve heard one, you’ve heard them all: we’re really winning, the journey never ends, we are already winning, Donald Trump is really good, Joe Biden is really bad, the country was fantastic under Trump, now it sucks under Biden, maybe he’ll run in 2024, 10 minutes of pro vaccine propaganda, there will be no 3rd party, 45 minutes on the election hoax/fraud, Trump is going to be the kingmaker in the GOP and choose who gets elected, we’re about to win big, we’re taking back the WH, and then the Village People campaign song.

So, it was basically everything that you would have expected it to be.

Okay, if you’ve made it this far without laughing, I must tell you that’s all a lot of bullshit.

 Let me explain why. The most important lesson to take home is that Trump lost the November 6th election because a) it was massively rigged and b) because the GOP betrayed him.

 Now, the Dems are in full control over all branches of the government, and if you want to un-rig the voting system, that would mean you’d have to ask nicely the Democrats to un-rig it for you. And I bet they will not agree to that.

As Trump also explained in his speech, the Biden regime is currently flooding the country with immigrants and is preparing a full amnesty for tens of millions of illegal aliens, while planning to give them voting rights. 

So, even if the election system was not the joke that it is, and was un-rigged (it won’t be obviously), Republicans/conservatives/white people/whatever you want to call it, can’t win in 2024 anyway.

 There are going to be just too many “Democrat voters”.

Trump failed miserably while in office and he wasn’t able to get anything done about election fraud, so there you have it. Currently speaking, Trump has zero access to the public, and the only network that carried his speech at CPAC was Fox News. CNN is currently working hard, trying to pull Fox News off the air.

Trump was banned from social media while still POTUS, so you can assume that CNN&friends have fully established the authority to do this to anyone.

The really sucky part about “there will be no 3rd party” “we’ll win in 2024” etc. is that Trump’s “comeback plan” is going to keep the people who would be ready to completely write-off politics as a hoax to continue engaging with politics. 

That is good for the system. If people genuinely believe that Trump is going to storm back in in 2024, they will sit tight. It’s essentially what the Q-anon psyop did: kept Americans complacent and on their couches.

Trump betraying his fans after the Capitol storm, when many Americans were caught up in something organized by the FBI , showed he has no balls and, sadly, he’s not a real leader. 

No real leader would denounce his most fervent supporters like Trump did, just to stay out of prison. 

Let me tell you this now: Trump is not going to win in 2024, no way. That’s nothing more than gas lighting for conservatives, and a stupid fantasy that doesn’t have anything to do with anything other than Trump’s ego.


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