The Ukrainian Government will not Surrender Mariupol and a Blood Bath Will Ensue

by Chris Black

The Azov Battalion and others are not allowing civilians to leave the city, with tons of reports (including from non-Russians trapped inside) that they are indiscriminately killing anyone trying to leave.

The people of Mariupol don’t want to be part of the “new” Ukraine, where being Russian is basically illegal. The region voted 90+% for Yanukovych in 2010, and Russian rebels (Donetsk People’s Militia) took the city over in 2014.

They were ordered back for strategic reasons and groups like Azov and Aidar were sent in by the Jew Arseniy Yatsenyuk and a corrupt Armenian businessman named Arsen Avakov to occupy the population. Aidar in particular has been accused of several gruesome crimes during  this occupation.

Here’s video from 2014 when the Russian separatists initially captured the city.

I’ve been researching materials from Russian rebels and Russian language media over the last 8 years. It’s not easy to get the full scope due to the language barrier, but the narrative they have built up on the Ukraine war is as follows:

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They do not shy away from identifying the Ukrainian government as a Jewish puppet regime.

They observe that every Ukrainian government since 2014 has been explicitly controlled by Jews, Yatsenyuk, Poroschenko (not a Jew to my knowledge, but they claim so), Groysman, and now Zelensky are to them Jews conspiring to undermine Slavic power. There is some dubious stuff, like claiming the post-Maidan Ukrainian parliament was 50% Jewish, something I haven’t verified and probably is exaggerated.

The Jews of America implemented these people in a coup using Stepan Bandera loving ultranationalist Nazis as their muscle. In their eyes, the Jews, NATO, and Ukrainian Nazis are teaming-up to ethnically polarize Ukrainians and Russians (who they believe are brothers) and commit genocide against the Russian population.

Their view of Nazis is largely devoid of what you’d expect. References to the “Holocaust,” “racism,” and “anti-Semitism” are mostly absent, it’s very Russocentric. They believe the Nazis tried to exterminate the Russian Slavs in WWII and now they are trying to do it again.

This is pretty standard fare in parts of Eastern Europe. Polish nationalists (including white racial nationalists) have a very similar view of  the historic National Socialists and until 5 minutes ago, also had grievances with Ukrainian Banderists (for example, they hold that Ukrainian fascists massacred 30,000 Poles in an instance during WW2).


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