The United States and a Few Militarily Weak Satellite States in Western Europe Can’t Engage China, Russia and Iran in Hostilities at the Same Time

by Chris Black

What the hell are they thinking?

Their insistence on overextending means they are rapidly losing ground everywhere.

Iran backed groups are bound to take full power in Iraq, Russia is wrapping up in Ukraine, and even if China does not take military action against Taiwan, Washington meddling will compel Beijing to just surround the island and sanction its economy until the government falls.

The plutocrats (Pelosi net worth: $135 million!) are going to have to accept that their “rules based liberal order” where they can go launch an LGBT Afro-Zionist finance capitalist “human rights” crusade anywhere in the world is over.

If you look at Pelosi’s statement, there is nothing about the vital interests of the American people or even the strategic interests of the United States.  The whole thing is couched in terms of “democracy vs autocracy” i.e. we are still fighting to make the world safe for democracy.

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It’s absolutely insane that these cynical propaganda slogans from 100 years ago are still being rehashed to provoke conflict and risk a world war by our ruling elites.

Congress is hated and despised by the American people, but corrupt elites like Pelosi with her $135 million fortune pretend they have a mandate from the people??

The United States is controlled by a Jewish plutocracy with no input from the people and against their wishes and will, we can’t say this too loudly or too frequently.

The lie of American “democracy” is exposed as soon as one tries to participate honestly in this political system.

And Republicans are absolutely complicit in the maintenance of this shameful lie, not only when they saber-rattle on Pelosi’s behalf, but whenever they lecture anyone about “democracy.”

There is no democracy left in America.


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