The Upcoming Anti-YouTube Video Hosting Site (Real.Video) is From MIKE ADAMS of NaturalNews – it is LEGITIMATE

The Answer to YouTube has arrived…=Real.Video
A pro-liberty video community covering health freedom, food freedom, preparedness, politics, self-reliance and more.
Confirmed partners already too many to mention… channels being reserved for all these and more: Natural News, Gateway Pundit, Activist Post, Next News Network, Info Wars, All News Pipe line, SGT Report, Ben Swann, Greg Hunter, Breitbart, Milo, Loomer, Shapiro, Coulter, Quayle, Southern and many more…
All pro-liberty voices welcomed… many announcements yet to come.
This new, upcoming PRO-Conservative video-hosting site is being developed by Mike Adams of
I have been an avid follower of Mike Adams for years, back when his site was exclusively about health food.
Over the last few years, Mike has been slowly but surely leveraging his healthfood site into becoming an outspoken political activist for the Right, and absolutely against the Liberal Left.
In fact, he has become so outspoken against the censorship of YouTube, Google, and others, that he has recently retained legal counsel to address the problem:
Mike Adams is one of THE most outspoken Truthers you will find anywhere on the internet.
h/t Zovalex