The World Economic Forums master plan to replace animal protein

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This is a sick document and explains how they need to drive home anti animal protein narratives between 2020-2030 to “meet UN SDG” goals and combat climate change.

Unbelievable how they have this all thought out in great detail. Is it any wonder the price of beef has risen so quickly immediately after Biden was elected?

Pursuing an intentional ‘Transition Decade’
using narratives
The aim here is to explore the pursuit of an intentional
“Transition Decade” strategy from 2020–2030, using
evidence-based narratives to shift today’s global system for
protein provision to one in line with meeting the SDGs and
the Paris Climate Agreement.
The transition of today’s protein delivery system from a largely
meat-based focus to a wider range of alternatives will play
out in different ways around the world. However, a reliance
on the market alone or a hope that individual technologies,
unconnected projects or even financing or policy innovations
including subsidies will break through and tip the global
system will likely not be enough to create the scale or speed
required to provide universally accessible and affordable,
healthy and sustainable protein in line with the SDG and 2015
Paris Climate Agreement targets by 2030.

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A Roadmap for Delivering 21st-Century Protein
Delivering 21st-century protein by 2030, and as we
approach a population of 10 billion by 2050, will require
unprecedented collaboration by stakeholders and sectors,
and an unparalleled ambition that stretches to every human
being on the planet as they make their daily food choices.
Transformation will simultaneously be required across three
pathways (see Figure 1), areas that highlight where the
current global protein system will need to change.
Figure 1: Pathways to 21st-Century Protein Delivery
Pathways to 21st-Century Protein Delivery:
(illustrative examples below)
Accelerating Alternative Proteins Advancing Current Production
Driving Consumer Behaviour
– Meat replacements (e.g. plant
– Cultured/lab-grown
– Insects
– Alga-based
– Fungi-based
– Traditional processed plant-based
(tofu, seitan etc.)
– Traditional plant-based alternatives
(peas, beans, nuts, jackfruit etc.)
– Meat “extenders” (plant or other) as
a partial substitute
– Sustainable animal feedstocks
– Novel animal feedstocks
– Sustainable intensification
– Use of food and industry waste
– New breeds of cattle
– Reduction in antibiotic use
– Land use and elimination of
– Manure and slurry management
– Flexitarian diets
– Diversification within per capita
– Right-sizing of diet (shift towards
protein equity per capita)
– Reduction of food waste
– Cost and access parity

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